Visa-free Taiwan for Filipinos: DIY Zhongshe Guan guang Flower Market, Taichung

This field of flowers was our biggest expense and the farthest place we've gone to in Taiwan but it was my favorite day despite the pictures... :))) Ewan ko ba! HAHAHAHA. 

We took the HSR (High Speed Rail) from Taipei Main Station to Taichung Station. The train ride lasted an hour for NTD 670 and NTD 700. 


Houli Station, Fengyuan Station, Tai'ian station should be closer to the flower market. 

What we did was;

From Taichung Train station, we hailed a cab that drove us to Houli. Since time constraint was a factor back then, we didn't have the option to choose a transportation that costs less (though I have no idea what that is) than a cab ride because we need to be fast.

Explaining where we wanted to go was difficult because of the language gap and lack of internet connection but the cab driver was patient with us. To be sure and to make it easier for you and the cab driver, do not forget to screen capture the map, the name of the place in both English and Chinese, and even download an offline map. When he finally understood where we wanted to go, he told us that a lot of Filipinos go to that flower market.

While the entrance fee for the flower market was around 200 PHP only, they offer a promo of availing an unlimited bbq which was inclusive of the flower market entrance fee but I forgot the price. Sorry na, besh. December pa kasi 'to tapos hindi ko na mahanap 'yung list pero sigurado akong hindi lalagpas ng 1,000 PHP per person.


And what the cab driver said about the Filipinos that frequent this area was so true!! This was the only place we went to where almost everyone eating were Filipinos. Hello, unlimited chargrilled bbq kaya yan! 

We didn't eat a lot during our stay in Taipei but this Taichung meal right here was a different story. Lahat ata ng hindi namin naikain for the past three days, dito namin binawi eh. 

After a filling lunch, we proceeded to the flower farm. 

 Ang lala nung mga pictures. IDK why. Baka dahil busog?! But the place was really beautiful. Nahiya bigla 'yung pictures ko sa Sirao Flower Farm ng Cebu (na hindi ko pala na-blog ahaha)


Ang mahalaga naman e meron kami pics doon, diba? :)))


After around 1 and 1/2 hours of picture taking (I don't think the time we alloted will be enough for other people), we went back to the parking area because uncle cab driver was waiting for us. He was so kind really that he waited until we're finish so he can drive us to our next destination which was the Rainbow Village. 

We would've stayed longer in Taichung if we could but it was already our flight out of Taiwan that night and we had to ride the 5 PM HSR train back to Taipei so we were also in a hurry. 

This flower farm was our question mark and yet our nonnegotiable must-visit  place so we're glad that we found a way and made it back on time to catch our TPE - MNL flight.

Madali lang naman pala.

If you're travelling in group, maybe you can hire a cab or a tour operator since the tourist attractions in Taichung are far from each other and riding a bus isn't always an option.

If you're doing a DIY then research more on alighting at Houli or Fengyuan station. What we did was alright - if there's one thing that I would've done differently, that was going to Taichung earlier... or maybe not din kasi longer sleep is better?! Basta ayun, if you're doing a DIY then day tour lang make sure you have enough time exploring Taichung. There's still a lot of places to see aside from the flower farm and rainbow village which I'll be blogging about in the coming days.

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