USA 2016: Pier 39, San Francisco, California

 After checking in our hotel, we drove through the Golden Gate Bridge. We all agreed that we'll just take photos with it the next day 'cause my girl friend and I have prepared a similar blouse for our OOTD. :))
We found Pier 39 through our google maps.
I will have a separate post about out Pier 39 Boat ride so refer to that.
When the boat ride ended, we decided to take another look at Pier 39 while also looking for something affordable to eat.

Souvenirs can be bought in this area. Huhu. Posting this blog about my USA trip kinda makes me want to do it one more time next year. This lifetime I want to spend travelling and seeing placesssss. Huhuhu. I wish it's possible for me to lead a life like that.
Those birds again and the carousel that Jadine rode when they were in San Francisco. hahaha!
Kissing you goodbye. <3
Wishing I'll have more adventures like this. Hey, never did I thought that I'll be able to go to these places naman. The best is yet to come, diba? 
That's Oakland bridge at my back.
 Days after we left there was an LGBT pride parade that took place here in San Francisco. 
Hills of bay area at my back.
Byeee! Hope to see you again soon. <3
Sana kahit saan, carpe diem pa rin. May we always seize our days. Huhu

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