USA 2016: Oceanside and Legoland, California

Lakas maka-California girl. <3

I forgot what time we left Vegas but it was before sunrise. We haven't eaten our breakfast so we had several stop-over before reaching Legoland. We have a Denny's branch near our place but it was my first time in California to try eating there. 
For a bank errand and a quick restroom break, we had a stop-over here too at Oceanside.

It actually feels a bit similar to Santa Monica only that, this place had less people or we were just a bit early for the crowd. Nonetheless, if I had a day to spare in California, I would have chosen a day spent here in Oceanside. I am a sucker for anything "ocean" because there's something about the waves and its smell that relaxes me. Like this is a new information, noh. hahaha. 


My first amusement park in the United States of America. Hahaha :)
We rode a couple of rides though, yeah, those are for the children which is the main target of this park. Haha! Just like this huge lego block boat... so had to ride this!
My friend got this big blue stuffed toy from somewhere and I gladly carried it for him all around the park.
Panakip taba!! :))

Alaska, Sydney, Acapulco, New York very very soon. :))

South Korea very soon!! <3
We enjoyed the waterpark too much that we swam until its closing time so we weren't able to use our tickets for the sealife aquarium because it was already closed when we arrived at the gate. Boo. :( What a waste! :( It would have been my first fish tank experience in the US.

Second to Manila Ocean Park which I've gone to in 2012.

Click this link and see how payat was I during those days. Here. 
Pa cute lego guy! Haynako ah, life, buti pa 'yung lego pwedeng i-jowa.

At mawala na lahat, huwag lang lipstick ganern? Hahaha!
Goodbye, Legoland!!!! :))

I am actually looking forward to the time that I will be able to go back to Malaysia just so I can add Malaysia, Legoland to the itinerary. I don't know, I just want to see it too. Hehehe. And actually, my friend joined this raffle to the Cartoon Network Park that is in Thailand. haha! Maybe lang, ano, the universe will be generous to us and actually grant us those tickets.

Miniland USA at Legoland link: here.

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