USA 2016: Legoland Waterpark, California

I wasn't the one holding my camera while we were here in Legoland's Waterpark so I don't have a lot of pictures to show you aside from those where I am included. :)))) 

My first Waterpark!!!

At first, I was like, "Ano ba gagawin dito? Katamad mag swimming!"

And then one slide after another, I didn't want to stop. Hahaha! 

Out of the slides they have there.

I find this the most fun probably because I had my friends with me aside from the fact that this is really exciting! 

What it looks like at the end of the Orange Rush.
I was holding my tummy because belly fat. Hahaha. 

Anyhow, look at my height and compare it to the American guy which is most likely younger than me or of my age.

My point is here I was always mistaken as someone who is in her teens. I don't find it offensive at all but rather very interesting that I looked "baby face" while in America. 

People would ask this young lady how old she is because she always stay in the casinos and other places where minors aren't allowed. Hahaha!
Yes, legs?
This was taken at the wave pool.

This was in Chima area.

Chima and Ninjago are the only Legos that I am familiar with because my cousin's son looked for those everywhere before! I bet they will also have the time of their lives here. Someday. hehe. 
Trying out the twin chasers. Buti nagkasya. hehe.

Near this area there was a ride called Pirate Reef. It's like Enchanted Kingdom's Jungle Log ride only waaaaaaay better! You'll get more wet here in the Pirate Reef and the big wave of water would make like big walls around the "ship" and you'll be in the center of the water wall for several seconds. If you can get what I'm trying to say. :))
At the lazy river pool.

There's one in Ace Water Spa, Pasig should you want to try it out too. :)

Look at my already visible feet tan lines. <3 
Still have them at this point. 

hahaha. Iba talaga ang ganda pag morena! Charuu. The funny thing is I didn't look that dark in most of my pictures because the sunlight made me look fairer when in reality I got several skin tones darker. So when I got home here in the Philippines, people asked me, "Oh? Bakit ang itim mo?, "Sa Palawan ka ba nanggaling?" etc. 

Gone are the days, especially for those who saw me after my sojourn, where people would think that, "Nakakaputi sa America." Hindi mga, besh!!! Hindi uso mag payong at nakaka-shoba ang food. hahaha!
Sorry, strangers!! Had to post this picture of us.

 I don't even know who they were but look at them posing for the camera too. 
More attractions at the waterpark for younger kids who can't try the slides yet.
Toddlers enjoyed this part a lot. hehe. 
Goodbye, Legoland!

A day passed by so quickly but it was worth all the dollars I spent. haha. Edi wow!!

Looking forward to visit Malaysia's Legoland someday too! I'd love to see their verson of the Miniland USA. Someone told me the replicas are of those tourist attractions that can be found in Southeast Asia.

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