Visa-free Taiwan for Filipinos: Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo was the second item in the itinerary of our Taiwan trip.

First was the four buildings in Chiang Kai Shek.

We rode MRT's brown line and that took us directly to Taipei Zoo. If you're not into zoos, that same station is also where the lowest station of Maokong Gondola is located.

We used our transportation card to pay the entrance of Taipei Zoo. Having that card to reload your money in is really convenient since you can use it to pay for almost anything while in Taiwan. 

My first time seeing a koala in person.

First time seeing panda as well. 

The zoo was huge that even if they were signs all throughout the park, we still got lost. In face, we didn't see the elephants and giraffes. We just walked in circles.

Spot the bear legs... 

It was drizzling so I wasn't able to take my camera out for a long time... after around two hours of walking, we decided to look for the tram station. For a fee, the tram above would take you to the second station of the cable car.

Maokong Cable Car: link
Maokong Village: link

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