Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tightlining and Nichido Eye Pencils

A number of people have asked me if I had my eyelashes permed, if I wear falsies, and/or I tightline everyday. I have no idea what tightlining is so it's an obvious no, I'm scared to have them permed and I don't know how to use falsies. I just curl my eyelashes whenever I go out and that's it. No mascaras and whatsoever 'cause I don't know how to apply make-up and I'm lazy to learn how. 

I read about tightlining and eyeliners and that's probably the reason why I was lured to buy these eyeliners from Nichido when I was in Watson's this afternoon.  White and peach colored liners are supposed to brighten the eyes while the color black is often used for tightlining. 

Girls Night Out Pencils cost P 80.00 each, while the black one costs P 36.50.

This is what my eyes look like after washing my face. I didn't put anything and eye lashes aren't curled yet. 

One curled. See the difference?

Already tightlined the upper lashline. 

Tightlining is supposed to make the lashes appear thicker and fuller because it fills in the gaps. Even if my lashes are already thick, you can see the difference, how much more for sparse eyelashes, right?

I used the black pencil to tightline, placed on the lash line or where lashes grow from. While the other two were used in my lower waterline. They're supposed to make my eyes brighter, aren't they?

 It doesn't look like it in the picture but there were differences. The white eyeliner though had a stronger color, it would be visible. So for that "no make-up" look, I think peach would do a better job.

 I decided to try lining my lower waterline with black eyeliner and the effect was more prominent. But I don't like it, I have my problem eyebags already and I feel that putting eyeliners on my lower waterline highlights them even more and the smudging gives me panda eyes. Well, I already have panda eyes to begin with. So really, no thanks.

And removing the liners are harder than putting them. 

Lining indeed made my eyes pop and looks more fresh but I don't think that I'd be able to do this everyday. I'm just not that kind of person who would spend so much time applying make-up daily.  
I'm happy with just powder, lip balm and curled eyelashes.

Nevertheless, this technique really works, I'd be doing this (upper lashline tightlining) on special occasions or whenever my eyes look tired .

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fr. Joey Faller At Good Shepherd Cathedral, Fairview

We attended Fr. Faller's Healing Mass tonight at 8:00 PM. And, it's my first time at Good Shepherd so what does that mean? 

Hmm, they say that when it is your first time visiting a church, you are to make a wish.
I wish for...

It was also my first time hearing that prayer or litany which I can barely recall but would love to memorize or have a copy of.

Hindi naman siguro wala lang nung may nagpasimula ng kasabihang, "It's all in the mind."
Kagaya na lang ng mga sakit natin sa katawan, hindi lang sapat na iinom lang ng gamot o magpapatingin sa doktor, kailangan din ng tibay ng loob at paniniwala na may Diyos na tutulong para gumaling tayo. Haaaaay, sana.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Parvati's The Dome

Oh, you dome of chocolatey goodness! 

My friend brought me to Parvati, Trinoma last night to try their desserts out. 

P 140.00

I decided to pass on cheesecake even if it was what I wanted to try something new. I seriously had a hard time deciding which to order 'cause they all look sumptuous and this is what I ended up ordering. It's all chocolate yet there are several textures and not too sweet. Also, I especially like its Nutella chocolate mousse.

Since Parvati's like a one-stop dessert shop and there are still so much to try out, I'd love to go back there soon.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shakey's Thin Crust Pizza (Delivery)

We purchased that Shakey's card which entitles the holder a free Pepperoni or Hawaiian pizza for for each pizza order (delivery) 

Both these pizza (party size) cost 590.00 with a 1.5L of Coca Cola and ice. Sulit na. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lorys Hair Creams (Nutri Sun Gloss and Fruit Cocktail)

These are my third and fourth tubs of Lorys Hair Cream.

Each 450 g tub costs P148.00 at Landmark, TriNoMa.

Chlorine-treated or salt water and long sun exposure is very damaging and drying to hair, especially for rebonded hair like mine. I was only thinking of buying Fruit Cocktail then but decided to buy these two before going on our Quezon trip 'cause we will be swimming and staying under the heat of the sun for hours. 

For the NUTRI SUN GLOSS, I washed my hair with shampoo then applied it for 15 minutes prior to swimming. I believe that by doing that my hair was covered by a protecting film that avoided aggression caused by sun heat and water just like what the tub description says. This is also perfect for summer 'cause sun exposure is close to inevitable.

For the FRUIT COCKTAIL, I used it as a special conditioner as always. After our trip, I lathered it on my hair, covered with shower cap and let it stay in my hair for 15 minutes, rinsed then shampooed after. As expected, it did make my hair softer and smoother. This variant also has my favorite scent.

I'm really thankful that I was introduced to Lory's after I had my hair rebonded. I saved on pricey hair treatments that I should be done on my hair at least bimonthly.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Selecta Hershey's Kisses Ice Cream

It was very hot today, as in super, my head was again thumping and eating ice cream is a way of cooling down and satisfying a chocoholic's cravings. Anyway, is the Choco Hazelnut Brownie variant phased out? I was supposed to buy that but ended up with this, I'm not saying that I don't like this, I just miss the taste of hazelnut...

 Before the Magnum fad, this was the "thing" in our household. This flavor is one of the choices in Selecta's Hershey's Ice Cream Line.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Basilica Minore de San Miguel Arcangel y Calle Budin

When I was younger, my Tita would always tell me to call on St. Michael, the Archangel everytime I feel scared or whenever I feel unsafe. So I was thrilled upon knowing that this church that we visited was his Basilica. We weren't able to enter though and just looked from outside. 

When we left the church, we passed by this Spanish-looking Casa that was under-renovation. I snapped a picture with it... Hmm, would this be the lucky charm for my Ilocos trip? HOPE SO.
Don't know where to buy pasalubong when you're in Tayabas, Quezon? Look for Calle Budin then. Just ask around, this street where you can buy native delicacies is famous. 
Budin or Cassava Cake as what we call it here it Quezon City costs P 25.00 per piece.

Aside from this, they also sell Lucban Longganiza for 65.00 per dozen.

This cake which name I don't know tastes very good. I also don't know the name of the bakery where they bought this but look for it when you're there. One of the bakeries near the wet market. :))

Yema Cakes are also a must taste.

I back rode the tricycle from the Market to the house we're staying at. Really living like a local, eh?

Because of the long jeepney routes and tricycles available, going around Lucena, Tayabas and Lucban Quezon is easy even for first-timers.

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

We ate our late lunch at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Restaurant at Tayabas. The tables at the restaurant are in a floating nipa hut. For sure there were lots of people in the area at that time because a lot of cars were parked but we didn't notice 'cause the restaurant was too big.

The food was delicious and not that expensive.
 The whole feel of the restaurant is superb!

Sizzling Seafoods (P 275.00), Sinigang na Sugpo (P 300.00), Rice (P20.00) 

We rode the jeepney from Kamay Ni Hesus, just tell the conductor or the driver to drop you at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan. It's just one ride away from Kamay ni Hesus Shrine.

Pilipit and My 3rd Time at Stairway To Heaven

We went back at Kamay ni Hesus Shrine to attend the 7 Last Words, we took the public utility jeepney from Tayabas to Lucban, a ride is 20.00 per person, just imagine how long was that but hey, it was still enjoyable. 

Half way, Ate rode the jeepney with a bilao of newly cooked pilipit, a native delicacy made of malagkit, kalabasa and pulot. A piece costs 6.00 and I ate three. I hope I was the first who bought from her, 'cause I'm a lucky buena mano, she might be able to sell everything even before the day ends! hahahaha. Joke. Just that after I bought, everyone there tried it too. She probably sold a lot while in the jeep.

This is what it looks like with a banana leaf holder
. They don't use plastics there, so if you're going at Lucan or at Kamay ni Hesus area, bring your bag for pasalubongs 'cause they all use newspapers and leaves. Very eco-friendly.

The dizzying number of people climbing the Stairway to Heaven, much more than those who climbed on Maundy Thursday.

And here he is, Fr. Joey Faller, a healing priest and one of the reasons why Kamay ni Hesus was developed and has become a very beautiful yet solemn place. He was the speaker for the 7 Last Words, very touching but at times, funny. I hope to meet him personally soon and attend one of his healing masses. 

Nilupak of Quezon

 The next activity that day was to try making a Quezon delicacy, NILUPAK.
First we harvested cassava from the backyard.

They peeled them for boiling.

Some were fried. These are kamote-fries.

After boiling, just soft and not soggy.

They're ready to be hand-milled. And this is not an easy task!

I kept on pounding the ingredients (kamote, sugar, condensed milk and peanut butter) hard for around ten minutes, I was perspiring like crazy from the hard work and my fingers were shaking after! good thing my nilupak didn't come out salty.. haha. LOL. It was still a fun experience anyway. 

And this has got to be the best and tastiest and most sumptuous and most delicious and most delectable and finger-licking nilupak ever made! Of course I'm exaggerating, but the mere fact that it was I who hand-milled this makes it more special than anything else. ;)

Manasa Botanical Garden, Quezon

From Kamay ni Hesus, we headed to Manasa Botanical Garden to swim. It's a fairly small resort so good thing there weren't a lot of people when we got there. The entrance fee is 50.00 for adults and 20.00 for kids. 

I am not sure but this pool is 4-6 feet deep. They say that the water is from a spring. No wonder it's cold and doesn't smell like chlorine. The only problem I had was the restroom, it was dark, scary, and no cubicles to change at so I decided to go back wearing my swimming attire and just shower at the house.

Nonetheless, the view from the resort is very good, as you can see hills and mountains everywhere. 

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