Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bellini's, Cubao Expo

This fine-dining Italian Restaurant was featured in Jessica Soho Reports several months ago and my friend, Louise, told me that this was the restaurant where some scenes of the movie "One More Chance" were filmed. I was ecstatic when she told me that. It's like finding a treasure when you're not searching kind of feeling. Hahahaha. 

Since then this has always been on my list of restaurants-to-visit/ John Lloyd - Bea-shooting-places-to-visit and it has been finally crossed out. I think I only have two left namely the opening scene of "The Mistress" and Malaysia's Petronas Towers.

Manila Paco Cemetery link: here.

This has been in my backlog for more than a month now so sorry, I have already forgotten the taste of their food but nonetheless, all were definitely delicious and the restaurant itself is really worth the travel time if you live far from Cubao. 

Italy in the Philippines ang peg.
Someday, I shall!
Dip for our bread "appetizer"
Vinaigrette something
Maybe it was a wrong decision to order this bread too when the waiter suggested.
P 100.00

We were already full after eating slices of this. -_-

Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Someday, I shall too. 

That was the first time I've gone to Cubao Expo.
The ambiance of the place is like you're being transported back to the 70's or even later than that. I don't even know. But if you're into antiques, must visit!

Mej biglang bigat lang sa pakiramdam pag enter.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Season Update! (Light Shows etc.)

"Tatlong araw na lang, Pasko na!"

Ako: O_O

If you're gonna ask me what happened to me these past days, I wouldn't be able to answer you. I can't decide whether there wasn't something significant that happened or everything was so sudden I couldn't remember any.

 Time flies you wouldn't even realize that a week has already passed. And now, what? It's only three days before Christmas and most people I know, myself included, are doing last minute Christmas shopping. (I really wish I have tons of cash that what I did or will be doing tomorrow is legit shopping) 

Again, typhoon Yolanda that devasted Eastern Visayas last month has a great impact for the way we feel now. A month ago a lot of people were thinking not to celebrate extravagant Christmas anymore in sympathy with the victims. But as Christmas day comes nearer, we just couldn't let go of our years long tradition of how we celebrate December 25th. And thus, most of us are out doing last minute shopping etc.


I wish this season (all year round na lang pala) brings you joy (not only the joy you get from acquiring material things) peace and good health. 

I haven't been updating this blog that  I have a ton of backlogs I have yet to post so allow me to combine my re-visits or updates of the things I have blogged about last year, which out of "tradition", I visited again this year.


Hello Kitty Christmas at SM North! Last year's link: here.

Trinoma's Light and Sound Show. Last year's link: here.

Show is until January 5, 2014.
This twinkle effect is so cool, isn't it?

Ayala Triangle Garden's Light and Sound Show. Last year's link: here.


A lot of people still go there to watch and some even sit on the floor during the show. But personally, I didn't find it as jaw-dropping and entertaining like the past two years. The then 15 minutes show was cut into more or less 5 minutes long show for this year. Though I appreciated that they now have varieties, it's still lacking. But who am I to complain when it's for free, right? Not bad especially for first timers who have no expectations yet.

Serenitea's Jumbo Cup Days (December 18, 19, 20) Last year's link: here. 

And last December 20, I realized that I'm not into milk teas anymore. 

I only wanted to try it again just for the sake of it but I wasn't thrilled this time. I mean, the 2012 me was ecstatic when I heard that they brought back their Jumbo Cup promo. 

I didn't not enjoy my drink.
Good thing my nephew liked it and drank all of it!

Can I tell you whose fault is it?

The reason why I'm over milk tea is because I'm so busy obsessing over Matcha.

Play video before reading the next line.

The best way to forget something/someone is to find a replacement a.k.a rebound.

Allow time to do the trick. You will discover something new sooner. Finding a rebound or immediate replacement is unfair. HAHAHAHA

And below is my food rebound:

Family Mart's Matcha Ice Cream. Link: here
Obligatory ice cream picture.

Just because I find this twirl-all-you-can matcha ice cream so so so enjoyable and delicous that I keep coming back monthly, bi-monthly even,  to practice my skills.

From the super noob me last August, look at what I did when I went back last week. Definitely a  lot of improvement!

I'm not making it seem more enjoyable than it actually is or am I? Whatevs, the fact that I've "recruited" a lot of people into trying this ice cream too is cute. When we went to Family Mart last week, I bumped into a friend of mine and he told me that they were there since he got curious of the ice cream. Needless to say, I'm more influential than I think I am. Joke lang. Natawa lang ako talaga.

So there, 5 in 1 post.

Thank you:)

God Bless:)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Zark's Burgers, Katipunan

Zark's Burgers, Taft link: here.

Nasapian na naman ako ng espiritu ng sobrang katakawan eh.
I wanted to try something else because I had their cheeseburger for two times already. I was really hungry since it was also way past lunch time so Jawbreaker seemed the best order for that day.
P 250.00 with fries and drinks
Jawbreaker is a triple cheeseburger with bacon and spam.

This burger is so massive and filling that I wasn't able to eat everything. I wasn't able to eat a patty, the top bun and some fries.

There's this Zark's challenge that when you finish this burger within five minutes, it's free! 

No, I did not take the challenge. I just wanted to see how much will I be able to eat on my own "phasing".

Will you dare?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss, SM North EDSA

Whether you notice it or not, there's a ramen craze in the Philippines. Ramen restaurants are like the new milk tea cafes with different branches sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. 

I saw a branch at Market! Market! before.
Moshi means Hello
Koshi, according to them, is the sweet state of a noodle that is firm but not hard, with resistance to bite. Much like that of Italian food's al dente noodles.

I can attest to "resistance to bite," because on my first bite I immediately felt the springy feel of the noodles. I don't like soggy noodles so that's a plus.

And you're assured that you're getting nothing but fresh noodles because they made theirs in store daily. Truly the noodle boss!
Best consumed within six minutes.. wait!!
Sa sobrang competitive ko, napaso lang naman ako. Hahaha
Minsan talaga e hindi uso ang common sense.
Shoyu (Soy-based) Ramen
P 200+ I fogot the exact price.
Was it P 210? P 220? I don't remember.

I really enjoyed their noodles.
 That firm, chewy, springy or the best word, Koshi state of noodles is what made this so special.

On another note, I heard that Martilyo gang was at SM North around 7 PM tonight. Buti na lang talaga nakaalis na 'ko.

A friend reminded me that when MG was in SM Megamall last January, I was in Megamall too. HAHAHA. Di ko alam kung dahil lang 'to sa lakwatsera ko kaya kung sansan ako napapadpad o nagkataon lang talaga. Link here. Buti  nakauwi na ko agad bago pa naganap ang mga naganap. Tsktsktsk.

Sana mahuli na lahat sila at wag silang best actor pag nagkaganun.
Bawal mabuhay ng patas? Pikon pa rin ako sa mga magnanakaw na 'yan ah. Hindi naman sa nagsisisi ako sa cellphone ko pero shems, di ko talaga alam kung san ako pupulutin. Tas ayan sila, instant pera. Kung di ba naman. -_- 

Karma, karma din.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Yoogane, Il Terrazzo

Back to Korean Cuisine!

Months ago in one of my Korean Restaurants post, a reader commented that I should try Yoogane's Dak (Chicken) Galbi too. I've never forgotten that I should try this place out though obviously, it took me several months before I got to eat there.


Their kimchi was super spicy it may numb your tastebuds. Myeolchi Bokkeum which remains to be one of my favorite korean sidedish, Gamja Jorim (baby potatoes), pickled radish and carrots,  beansprouts and cabbage.

The process of stir-frying (?) Yoogane's Famous Dak Galbi

They pull the exhaust closer to the cooking pan.
This is great because the smell of Korean food sticks to your clothes. Seriously.


Dak Galbi
P 285.00

My spiciness threshold usually "soars" whenever I eat Korean cuisine. As in it's the only spicy food I can bear but with Yoogane's Dak Galbi? My tongue became numb but as always, that didn't stop me from enjoying this dish.

This is best paired with rice or perhaps with an additional order of mozzarella cheese to balance the flavor especially for those who can't eat super spicy food.
P 270.00

I prefer Samgyeopsal with "grilling experience" ahaha or better yet, unlimited samgyeopsal (123) but theirs isn't bad but the ssangchu (lettuce) was bitin.
Free Yakult

Overall, I enjoyed dining here at Yoogane. The much-raved Dak Galbi did not disappoint and the prices are reasonable because the servings are huge.

Looking forward to my next visit.
I shall try the other variants of their galbi.

P.S. To my Korea dream, I shall. HAHAHAHAHA. I shall continue dreaming. Toinks.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu, Quezon Ave (Favorite lang?? HAHAHA)

First visit link: here.
Second visit link: here.

Nag-crave kami sa isaw eh, ayan. 

The burgis way of satisfying isaw cravings is to go straight to the nearest Tong Yang branch.

We went to this newly-opened restaurant somewhere in Q.C but was disappointed with the choices so we decided to eat here in Tong Yang instead. 

When a new option fails you, you'd  have to go back to your sure ball and thus, here we are once again. 

It took me three visits to realize that I love these chicken wings. 

As usual, their sushi choices aren't to die for but okay in satisfying one's cravings.
Someone got creative with the soups... for the first time.

I have two previous posts about this so if you want more, I linked both posts at the beginning (assuming you missed reading that part).


What kept me LSSed for the past two days is an OST from the movie "Frozen", entitled "For the First Time in Forever".

That movie is so underrated here in our country and I firmly believe it deserves more raves than what it is having at the moment. Now go!!!! Watch!! Sana meron in 3D. :))))

"I know it sounds so crazy to dream I'd find romance. But for the first time in forever, I think I've got the chance."


"You're worth melting for."

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas (2014 and beyond) Wishlist!!

Buzz Lightyear lang ang peg. To infinity and beyond.

Feel ko magpaka-Dora, the Explorer next year. Baka maka-explore!!!! Baka may pang-explore!!! HAHAHA.

'Yung Wishlist na ginawa ko last year for Christmas 'yun pero natupad 'yung iba this year lang, tipong hindi isang bagsakan kagaya nung 

1. BB Sweater
2. Cellphone (Biglaang gastos!! Nawa'y tumagal)
3. Ilocos
4. Meron na kaming bike (na hindi ko naman pala rin gagamitin haha!)
5. Hindi pa rin ako nag-aral mag drive.

So far, 5/15 or 3/15 'yung accomplished.

For this year, 

I have two material things in my 2014 wishlist: New Point and Shoot Camera (Travel camera mahaba 'yung zoom ng Canon or Samsung or Sony or 'yung waterproof, shockproof, weatherproof ng Sony o Olympus) at Laptop 
(Pero utang na loob, current laptop at current digicam. Wag munang kayong bibigay!! Gusto ko lang ng bago, hindi ko sinasabing ayaw ko na sa inyo. HAHAHA. Nakakapraning talaga 'yung cellphone ko eh.)

'Yung iba ko last year ay carried over sa 2014 at feel ko ma-a-achieve 'yung #3 ko.


1. Funds to continue being a miracle to my sponsored child. Link: here.
2. Plant a tree or trees. 'Yung may pangalan ko. Ehehehe.
3. Become a volunteer teacher again.
4. Volunteer at an NGO. (My eyes are on PAWS, Gawad Kalinga or Habitat for Humanity)

5. Sporty hobby. Gusto ko ng jogging na nagiging walking lang naman, boxing, muat thai, badminton or zumba/dance classes. Gusto ko sana subukan ang yoga pero di ata kami bagay.
6. RAKET!!! 

Pero most important siguro,

Good health hindi lang para sa'kin kundi para sa iba na rin.
Good health ng body at ng wallet and bank accounts natin. Toink. hahaha.

Nag-move ako from material to non-material na meron na rin for the benefit of others kaya pwede na rin sigurong sabihin na Grown Up Christmas List na ito. Ehehehe. Pero siguro andun lang 'yung hindi naman talaga ko materialistic na tao. Mas gusto ko gumagastos sa mga bagay na nae-experience gaya ng food at travel. Shems, ang mahal ng "mission" ko sa buhay. HAHAHAHA. 

At sa pagitan ng Materialism at Experientialism, ayon sa nabasa ko, mas generous daw kaming mga Experiencer. IKR. Maisingit lang.

God bless!!
Ikaw, ano ang wishes mo? :)

Hi, December!!

4 days late ako agad! December 4 ko na 'to sinusulat.
Ang bilis bilis lang ng panahon. 12/12 na.

Nabigla ako recently at dami yata ng gastos ko at marami pa kong gagastusin kaya pera-pera na naman ako ngayon.

Ang December ay buwan ng gastos kaso hindi ko na talaga alam kung san ako pupulutin. Una, nagastos ko na halos 'yung savings ko at medyo marami pa ko dapat bilhin/gastusin kaya good luck sa'kin. Ang alat pa naman ng Christmas Parties ngayon dahil kay Yolandi. Tsktsk. Alam ko naman na I can make ends meet pero hahahaha OMG. Di ko talaga alam kung paano.

3 things:

1. For some reasons, 'yung kawalan ng pera can be better kasi may problema ka't gustong makuha. Tipong hindi lahat ng kailangan mo e within your reach kaya may challenge.

2. Pero hindi rin pwedeng all the time e parati kang walang pera o kulang ang pera. Dapat money cycle lang siguro, meron tas mawawalan o tipid tas parating meron pero tipid. HINDI KO RIN ALAM. HAHAHA. Nababaliw lang. 

3. Na-realize ko lang na kahit mahal ay pwede naman palang mapag-ipunan tas alam mo 'yun, pag nakita mo na 'yung bagay na gusto mo, iba 'yung pakiramdam eh lalo pag alam mong pinaghirapan mo rin naman 'yun kahit papaano. 

Dahil dyan, kulang na ata talaga pera ko kaya kailangan na magtipid. Gusto ko sana sabihin na gagawin kong agresibong pagtitipid pero dahil December ngayon ay medyo asa pa maging no spending month 'to pero 'yun nga, kailangan ko na talaga mag-save for something. hihihihi. 


Kung meron kayong alam na MASARAP O MASAYANG kainan na MURA kahit medyo malayo sa Quezon City, sabihin niyo please. Gusto ko magtipid pero mukhang mahirap iwan ang pagfu-food trip. :))))

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

MY PHONE WAS STOLEN!! &%$%@($&!@)&$#^^$

Bakit parang lapitin ako ngayon ng mga ganyan klaseng tao!! Kainis lang. O marami lang talaga sila these days?

... but it doesn't hurt as much as it should be or as much as I thought it would be. Salamat for the feeling of calmness kahit ganun. Hindi ata dapat pero bakit ganun. Parang pagkatapos ng face palm ko sa jeep nung nalaman kong wala na kong phone, parang ako, "Ay okay." 

'Yung totoo, Tin? Milyonarya ka ba?? HAHAHAHA. Nakakahinayang din 'yun ah! -_-

Pero 'yun nga nawalan pa rin ako kaya nakakainis pa rin pag naaalala ko. At tuwing naalala ko na lahat ng attempts e nangyari nang hindi pa masyadong gabi tas 'yung isa, tirik pa 'yung araw, e totoo ata talagang mas safe ako sa gabing gabi. Kaya ayokong umuuwi ng maaga e!!! Hahaha. 

Goodbye, sim card.
(Arte arte pa 'ko sa nasira kong sim card, mawawala rin naman pala 'yung bago after two months. Hahaha.)
 Goodbye, memory card.
Goodbye, phone of two years. 


 I always place my phone in my pocket or in the inner pocket of my bag and last night was the only time that I placed it in the outer pocket of my bag. Meant to be lang na mawala? 

But alam mo 'yun, hindi ko alam kung baliw lang din talaga ko o ang yabang ko lang kasi pakiramdam ko mapapalitan naman  Saka na at least, it became easier to let go. Syempre kahit ganun lang 'yung phone ko at gusto ko naman na 'yun palitan (TAKE NOTE: December 2012 pa dahil isa 'yan sa mga nasa wishlist ko.) e hindi ko mapalitan dahil may attachment na at higit sa lahat e may pera man ako e medyo kulang pa rin. 

Looking at the bright side, at least diba, wala na kong pinaghahawakan at goraboom na 'ko. 'Yun nga lang, medyo malaking kabawasan ito sa kaban ng bayan. Kaban ng bayan talaga. 

Alam mo 'yung sabi nilang, paulit-ulit kang babatuhin ng buhay ng mga problema sa iba't ibang forms hanggang sa matutuhan mo kung anong tinuturo nito? Ayan na nga. HUHUHU. Sana natuto na 'ko diba!!! Ayoko ng mawalan at magastusan. Natuto na 'ko, di na ko uuwi ng maaga. HAHAHAHA.

Hay, bakit ba ganun? Parang kalmado pa 'ko at kagabi nga, nakakatawa na ko ulit eh. Munshonga lang. Pero baka meant to be talaga kami ng dream phone ko di 'ba. HAHAHAHAHA. D

Dahil dyan, ritwal ritwal din hanggang Saturday. Xperia, lumapit ka sa'kin nang wala kong gastos o kung meron man, konti lang!!! Kasi kung hindi, forced diet ako. Huhu. JK.  Forced tipid na lang pala. Uso rin siguro maging homebody ng ilang buwan. Ang dami ko na rin namang back logs for this blog if ever ma-tripan kong maging taong bahay pero nakakabaliw kasi 'yun. Bahala na nga.

God, penge pong pera. :)))))
Salamat po kasi bibigyan Niyo ko ng pambili ng cellphone. Hahahaha.

Pero seryoso, 

Salamat po at hindi ko kailangan na magnakaw pa para may ipangkain ako.
Salamat at hindi ko kailangan gamitin ang mga talento at kakayanan ko para makapanglamang at makapang-isa ng ibang tao.

Salamat na alam kong may bago kong mahahawakan kahit nawalan ako.

Salamat na kahit hindi naman talaga ko dapat masaya e bakit parang ang saya ko pa rin.

Ingat po tayo.
Naglipana silang mga best actor pag nahuli. 

"It's not what happens to you that matters. It's how you respond to what happens to you that makes a difference."

Big City, Glorietta 2

I wanted to eat burger but I also wanted to try something else (bawal umulit ng resto!!) and as we came across this fastfood joint while walking in Glorietta, ano pa ba? Edi enter na.
Flame-grilled Burger with fries and drinks
P 145.00 + P 20.00 add-on for the cheese.

I like flame-grilled burgers more because they're less oily than those burgers grilled using the regular grillers. It may be big but the size is enough to fit in your mouth so feel na feel na burger talaga ang kinakain dahil di na kailangan gamitan ng fork at kutsilyo. As for the patty, juicy at masarap naman. Buti nagpa add on kami ng cheese.
"Unli" tomato catsup, mayonnaise and mustard.
Condiments are set-up on the tables.

They also serve hotdogs, sausages and buffalo wings.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Superbowl of China's Lemon Chicken, Mall of Asia

Alam mo 'yung kapag ginagamit ko 'yung Instagram ko (--->) tapos nilalagay ko 'yung location ko o ng pictures ko, parang ako, "Shems, kung san san ako napapadpad." Tipong isang araw andito lang ako sa Q.C. tas sa susunod, napunta kong MOA biglang meron palang sidetrip sa Tagaytay tas next year baka nasa Singapore na 'ko. (JK. Sobrang bihira lang mag-Tagaytay at asa lang Singapore!!!) Pero balak ko naman igeo-tag lang ng i-geo tag 'yung photos ko kasi lilibutin ko pa buong mundo. Mundo agad. Wow, sossy lang. HAHAHAHAHA. Seryoso, kasi nakakatuwa kahit fail 'yung ibang geo-tagging dun e tumatama naman 'yung iba tapos kung saan saan naka-locate 'yung pictures ko.

 Hello, funds na sana kasi para maka-hello, world.

God, para sa'kin 'to di ba? Alam kong OO po ang sagot Niyo kaya maghihintay lang po ako... habang kumakain syempre. hehehehe.
Lakas maka.. :)) PUSH lang ng PUSH na nalaman kong may kumalat palang meaning dahil naging acronym 'yan; Pray Until Something Happens. O sige, push ko 'to lahat!! Baka pumayat rin ako kaka-PUSH!!

Dahil dyan, nasa China na 'ko.

The only Lemon Chicken I enjoyed so far.

Lemon Chicken Super Solo Meal / Rice Toppings
P 119.00

While most people prefer their sauce and chicken mixed, I prefer mine like this so I can adjust the quantity of lemon sauce. And although the breading was kind of thick, it was still crispy and didn't taste like flour.
The chicken meat was also fried just right and the quantity matched the rice quantity!!!! Problema talaga 'to sa'kin kasi malakas ako mag-ulam, tas madalas sa rice bowl e ang daming kanin tas sobrang konti ng ulam.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Donate/Volunteer at Red Cross, QC Chapter (YolandaPH)

Another Saturday well spent!

No one wants to be hit by a disaster but it's on times like this that you are able to see how selfless most people are. 

These aren't all the donations because this is only one of the numerous repacking sites for Yolanda's victim but you just can't help but be  overwhelmed by the quantity of goods that are continuously being donated there.

I'd prefer to be in the field and be the one to give these relief goods to the victims but that's just not possible.

With two of my friends, we decided to spend some hours volunteering here at Red Cross in Quezon City Hall, Gate 5 (along Kalayaan avenue).

No need for scheduling.
Go there, log in then you're good!
We sorted out some donated clothes and then later on sorted out the canned goods too.

This may seem like a small thing but I really wish that the victims would feel the outpouring support other people are giving them.

The concern, the help, just about everything is stupendous.
Red Cross Quezon City Chapter Contact Details and Bank Accounts

Ang sarap lang sa pakiramdam na sa maliit na paraan at sa konting oras na nilaan mo e nakatulong ka na sa iba.
Ang sarap lang sa pakiramdam na hindi mo man matanggal 'yung sakit na nararamdaman nila e kahit papaano ay naging instrumento ka sa pagbangon nilang muli.

P.S. I'm not even affected but whenever I read newspapers or online articles and watch news about all the help we are continuously given, I can't help it but be touched too. To our fellow Filipinos and the international community who have been donating a lot and have been showing their support and concern, thank you so much!! All your help- big or small- would definitely be an instrument in rebuilding another person's life.

Sa dami ng tulong, isa lang talaga hiling ko, sana makarating lahat ng 'to sakanila ng buo.

Friday, November 15, 2013

RICE UP Against Hunger!

What do you usually do on your free time?

Well, my free time is whenever I have nothing to do (obviously) and I have no "gala" or any appointments (appointments para sa sossy pakinggan) so I'm stuck at home watching tv, eating, browsing the internet and (obviously again) blogging like what I'm doing now.

But I've recently discovered a website called freerice.com, a non-profit website that is owned by the United Nations World Food Programme, which made my idle time more productive and more selfless. 

For the past three days that I've been playing or better yet testing my intellect there, I've already donated more than 7,000 grains of rice and my goal now is to donate at least 1,000 grains of rice per day. 

Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. First, you're learning more. Second, you're able to feed someone in the process.

This is what the quiz looks like.
Sponsored banners that are displayed below pay for the cost of the rice grains.
You can choose among these subjects.
I'm okay taking the English, French and Flags of the World quizzes but 
I just wish they have more language learning options such as Korean or Japanese since I'm planning to study the latter in the near future too. This would definitely make learning more fun and more worthwhile.

Learn more about Freerice here.

Game? Let's play! :)

Also if you have the money, why not try doing more for others like being someone's miracle through World Vision or donating more in World Food Programme


On a side note, there's also a lesson about saving when you play this game.

Although 10 or let it be P 10.00 is just a small amount, if you'd continue saving it, soon enough you'd be able to save 100 which will eventually be 1000 and 10000 and 100000 to millions. Who knows? Everything starts small. And if you reach that point when you already have a more than a million pesos in your bank account or when the time comes when you'd have enough to give away... don't forget me, okay? HAHAHA. :))))

I'm also on the process of becoming a wiser spender/saver. WAG LANG TALAGA KO PINAPAKITAAN NG PAGKAIN AT MAGAGANDANG LUGAR NA PWEDENG PUNTAHAN. Munshungerks lang, wala rin pala kasi gastos din. hahahaha. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shomal by Hossein, Trinoma

This is the first Persian food post in this blog and now that I've mentioned it, the last time I ate Kebab was more than 2 years ago. Obviously, that's prior to the "birth" of this blog. 

Let's start with the restaurant.
It's a fine dining restaurant and I don't know why entered. HAHAHAHA. 
We requested that we sit in this part of the restaurant which has curtains to separate each tables. You can have the waiters put the curtains down for some privacy and "arte" like what we did with ours. It was also cozier that way.
As for the menu, I was overwhelmed by the choices not only because of the vast selections they have but also because I'm not familiar with most of their offerings. 
Trinoma is a busy (and noisy) mall so I appreciated the ambiance of this restaurant. It was very private, relaxing and homey; a break from the crowded "outside world".
I can't remember the price but this is less than P 350.00
Chelo Beef Kebab

My Kebab was mild and was spiced and cooked just right.

But more than the meat, the rice was the star of this meal.
It's long-grained rice, steamed perfectly and very flavorful on its own. I just don't know what the rice variant was.

Spicy and Garlic Sauce
I don't know if the white one is really garlic sauce or just a yogurt sauce. It doesn't taste garlicky enough for me while the hot sauce was so so so so spicy I literally drank a whole glass of water when I tried it.

Spiciness threshold is only high whenever I eat Korean food.

I've passed by this restaurant for a loooot of times already being the Trinoma girl that I am or I was but this is my first time to eat there.

I've also been seeing the word Hossein whenever I'm in Serendra and Greenbelt (I can't recall which one) and I think, those three are just practically the same. Or maybe not.
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