Selecta's Matcha Cookies and Cream Ice Cream (Christmas Collection)

Selecta Christmas Collection Matcha Ice Cream

Wala na bang ila-labo 'tong picture ko?? :)))

I have no idea how long has this been out in the market but here's my most recent matcha discovery: Selecta's Christmas Collection in Matcha Cookies and Cream variant.

I was craving for a matcha mcflurry for some days now but I was told that it's no longer offered in stores. Disappointed, I browsed through the ice cream freezers in a grocery near me (which I rarely do, btw) and my heart jumped with joy and excitement when I saw this 1.3 L ice cream container which was priced under P 300.00!!! 

I wasn't expecting a lot from this though but since I like Selecta's Cookies and Cream variant too, it got easier to decide. I just hoped that the matcha won't taste like Jasmine 'cause that would definitely something I won't be able to eat. 

My verdict?


It's a lot like Mcdonald's Mcflurry, only this isn't a soft served. The ice cream has a faint matcha taste but the matcha syrup and the big chunks of oreos made up for it. You would taste the PLEASANT slight bitterness whenever you're melting the matcha chocolate/matcha syrup in your mouth. 

Selecta Christmas Collection Matcha Ice Cream

Most of all, I loved that it doesn't taste like flowers. 

Selecta Christmas Collection Matcha Ice Cream

Baked a red velvet cupcake and made my own cupcake a la mode topped almond sliced and chocolate syrup. Never craved for another matcha mcflurry after this. 

I was hoping for it to last around a week but we finished it within three days of CONTROLLED EATING. lol. :)))) K. That's it.  I'm just happy that it's readily available to me heheehe

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