Davao 2016 Itinerary and Guide: Things to do, where to go, what to eat

My first trip for 2016 is where life is, Davao City.

I was in Davao, the land of promise, for three days haha but I wasn't able to do a lot of things, wasn't able to visit a lot of attractions even so I'm definitely looking forward to my next visits. A visit when I'd have more than 1 hour of sleep prior my flight huhubells.

I'm going to confess something though, another reason why I wasn't able to roam around that much is because I left the itinerary I made at home. I thought that I had taken a picture of it but I realized when I was at the airport that I did not. 

Here it is:
An itinerary for first timers (or not) without a Samal Island tour.

Day 1

Arrival at Francisco Bangoy International Airport
Lon Wa Buddhist Temple
Magsaysay Park
People's Park

Visited: 1/4

Day 2

Attractions at the city outskirts:
Eden Nature Park
Philippine Eagle Center
Malagos Resort
Japanese Tunnel
Crocodile Park
Jack's Ridge
Durian Candy Factory

Visited: 6/7

Day 3

Osmena Park
San Pedro Church
Museo Dabawenyo
Davao City Hall
Bankerohan Market
Rizal Park
Aldevinco Shopping Center

Visited: 5/7

What actually happened in my Davao Trip... posting them SOON. :))

Where to stay?

Hotel Uno

Not the best in the city but for its affordability, location, and hospitable staff. I think I did a good job in choosing this as my hotel. I'll post pictures of the room and everything soon.

Who to contact?
Kuya Joey

He is very accommodating.
He offers reasonable rates.
His taxi has a free wifi connection.
My angas pictures and videos wouldn't all be possible without him and his connections. Haha!

Like his Facebook page to know more about the different packages he is offering:

Davao Tour Package with Kuya Joey Davao

A photo posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on

A photo posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on

A photo posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on
The three pictures were taken at Philippine Eagle Center. Not all tourists, especially those who are a part of a large group, can take their pictures while holding the birds. Hehe. It was all because we had Kuya Roy, the center's caretaker and a recent recipient of the Tourism Hero award, that we were able to take pictures with the caged birds.

A video posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on

Kuya Joey took my video as I was cycling in the sky. Can't show it to you because I kept on taking selfies while cycling. Kahiya. HAHAHA. So sinabi ko pa rin diba. You can't blame me though! Riding the Skycycle and Skyswing is a dream come true. :))


I have always wanted to visit Davao because of the articles I've read that it's a safe city and I'm glad I was able to do it this year. It's really a beautiful, clean, safe, and a peaceful city to be in. Congratulations and good job po, Mayor Duterte! Sayang lang I had no time to see more and visit Samal island pero soon, I'll be back real soon Dabaw! 

I took a picture of this ref magnet and the person manning the souvenir shop told me, "Oh, that's Mayor Duterte's tagline!"

It's not everywhere you could confidently walk holding your phone and camera at 10 in the evening. Wala lang, it just felt so safe. Even all the Duterte jokes I was told were full of respect for him: "Mam, isang beses binagyo kami rito pero hindi agad umalis kasi natakot sa speed limit policy ni Mayor Duterte." Ay! Grabe siya! Takot lahat. Hahaha! I didn't feel that they fear him though, it was more of him being so loved by his people. 

Hoping I get to see more of Davao and the rest of the provinces in Mindanao. Ehem Surigao ehem South Cotabato ehem Iligan. 

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