Seoul, South Korea: Kdrama Winter Night at Seonggwak Park and Seoul Fortress

 Kdrama Feels at Naksan Park (낙산공원)

If there's one thing that I'm sure Korean drama fans like me can agree to when making a South Korea travel itinerary, that is finding the shooting locations of our beloved dramas. 

Well, I tried to find several shooting locations of my all-time favorite drama, "Fight For My Way" when I was in Busan...

Aside from the markets and malls that you can see when exploring Dongdaemun Area, there are two walking tours you can do that start here.

One is to walk along the Cheonggyecheon Stream all the way to Seoul City Hall or go to this gate called Heunginjimun Gate also known as Dongdaemun gate and start hiking your way up to the Seoul Fortress. 

However, if you're not into hiking then you can just stay in the area on the above picture called Seonggwak Park then go back to DDP. The view is already beautiful from this area but if you're into the legit Kdrama setting then you'd have to walk further up. 

There weren't a lot of people that day early evening so we were able to take lots of photos. 

While you have this narrow walkway, you can always walk on safer left side and just walk a bit here for, you know, photo ops. :))

If only Intramuros felt this safe at night then we'd have a place here in the Philippines to compare this with. 

View from Seonggwak Park.

 By the way, Ihwa Mural Village is in this area as well. 

It's a place kinda similar to Busan's Gamcheon Village with all the wall paintings so it's worth the visit especially for your #IGgoals. I suggest going here around three to four in the afternoon so you'd have enough time to roam around the village when there's sunlight to see the artworks and then later on see the nightscape after sunset. 

Namsan is on the opposite side of Naksan. 

There's actually a lot more hiking trails if you're talking about the whole Seoul Fortress but I've only done Namsan and Naksan so far.

Pa-cute. HAHAHA! 

Hanyang is Seoul's name during the 14th century. 

The entire Seoul Fortress.

I don't know, Seoul feels like a small place but there's too much to see. It's like they packed in so much in this area yet it still feels like there are a lot of open spaces.

 I mean, you have your countless high-rise buildings and all those modern stuff going on and then you'd have several big parks and traditional palaces AND YET, it feels like it's not too big 'cause everything feels like walking distance. HAHAHA HIRAP MAG-EXPLAIN, BESH. Baka kasi malamig lagi kapag nagpupunta ko doon kaya masaya maglakad, feeling ko malapit lang mag lugar.

The entrance of Ihwa-dong Mural Village from Naksan. 

내가 존재하는 이유는 뭘까
사랑이 뭘까 난 그게 참 궁금해
사랑하면서 난 또 외롭다
사는 게 뭘까 왜 이렇게 외롭니
또다시 사랑에 아프고 싶다

I have no list of the Kdramas that were shot here but this place surely is familiar, right? Though mas madali lang kasi talagang tandaan 'yung Namsan dahil siguro sa tower at hindi naman kasi nababanggit masyado kung saan 'to pag pinapakita sa drama, maganda lang 'yung view.

We continued and reached the summit but the surprising thing is that even if  we didn't have a lot of people walking with us uphill, we saw a lot of people in this area. Guess what? You can take a public bus to the summit!!! hahaha!

Ito 'yung malakas maka-Kdrama talaga. 

'Yung mga eksena na medyo seryosong usapan ng characters tas maghihiwalay na sila kasi walang forever... :)))

We didn't know where this was headed the time but we didn't want to go back to where we started so we just continued walking. There would always be a bus somewhere that will take us back to Seoul Station if we got lost and couldn't find any way to go back to the hotel by foot. 

This place is a new neighborhood for the both of us so it was fun (my friend and I like walking around so this is our kind of The gate above is called Hyehwa-mun which is also a part of the Seoul fortress gates. We didn't know where exactly we were at that time but we just followed the road signs pointing to Seoul Station and soon enough we found ourselves in a busy street of Hyehwa (near Changdeokgung). We saw a Gong Cha branch so we took a break but upon resting, we decided to walk again rather than take the metro simply because it's not everyday that we get the chance to explore a foreign city by foot on a winter night.

A lot of walking again then we finally reached the entrance of Cheonggyecheon Stream from Gwangjang Market in Jongno-5. For that night, we walked more or less six hours 'cause we took the looooooooong route from Dongdaemun to Seoul Station which is only 15 minutes away via subway.

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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