Busan, South Korea: Ilgwang Beach

Another Fight For My Way Drama shooting location in Busan; Ilgwang Beach

I had nothing to do that afternoon so I decided to go to Ilgwang Beach. Getting here was easy from Haeundae 'cause it's just a train transfer in BEXCO. 

You can look at the travel time in Google Map or download a Busan Metro App. 

That boat like structure is where they set-up the stage in one of the scenes of Fight For My Way. Choi Aera was a replacement emcee for the program. Tbh, I was a bit disappointed upon seeing this place. 

But then I remembered that a typhoon just hit Busan the weekend before which may be an excuse for all the garbage along the shore here in Ilgwang 'cause the clutter wasn't normal in the other beaches but then Dadaepo beach also has this garbages and I visited them on the same week.

There's a wood walkway. You'd see a lot of walkways like this along the coast of Busan. 


Now do you remember what else took place at this beach?

Yep, the first kiss of Dong Man and Aera happened here. <3 I was looking forward to having a drink in this cafe but it was closed when I went here. -_-

Fantastic Four's Apartment Complex in the drama link: here. 
Seoullo 7107 Skybridge in Seoul link: here.

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