Busan, South Korea: Orangdae Park (오랑대 공원) Gijang, Busan

After Haedong Yonggung Sa, we continued walking towards Orangdae. While there is a bus that ply this route, we decided to just walk along the coast. Busan weather during autumn is very conducive for hiking anyway.

We brought snacks with us and good thing we found this pavilion by the beach. Made our convenience store snacks much more delicious - this view.

If you're walking along this side of Busan coasts, you'll have a lot of places like this but worry not 'cause the trails aren't dangerous - they're actually well-paved. Okay, aside from the occasional yellow and black garden spiders in some coniferous trees, everything else is fine.

It's not that small but pictures of it make it look smaller.

This is another shooting location of Fight For My Way. Little Dongman, Aera, and Sulli were shown
playing in this area. 

Other Fight For My Way Shooting Locations:

Namil Villa
Ilgwang Beach

Rugged stones before reaching Orangdae.

500 KRW kinda gives you an idea on the size of this Buddha in real life.

What you'll see inside. 

You won't really see a lot of attractions in this area but this is famous especially during New Year's Day. 

A lot of people camp out in this area to wait for the sunrise. The sun rises beside Orangdae and it's a great view with all the rugged rocks and ocean waves.

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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