Busan, South Korea: Haedong Yonggung Temple/ Haedong Yonggung Sa

Said to be The Most Beautiful Temple in Korea and it has no entrance fee. <3

There are a lot of ways to get here and based on experience, travel directions and mode of transportation instructions from Google maps are reliable when in Korea. 

However, the temple is quite a walk from this sign by the road so I think it should be better if you put NATIONAL FISHERIES AND RESEARCH as your destination. The downside of this though is you're coming from the right side of the temple instead of the main entrance where a lot of temple "must-see" are located. 

On the picture above, that's the building of National Fisheries on the left. 

From the entrance, you'll be greeted by big statues of zodiac animals. As if they're guarding the whole temple.

8 Story Pagoda

I went to this temple twice while I was living in Busan and it was always filled with people. 

Worship Area

Golden Buddha

What's interesting in this part of Busan is that you'd see a lot of people in this part (temple) then if you continue walking towards the Fisheries building, the number of people decreases. If you'll continue walking towards the residential area then you'd barely see people and if you reach the white building (hotel), you'd encounter a lot of people again. I love Busan with it's crowded and peaceful areas. HAHAHAHA. 

Seawater Great Goddess

She's facing the sea and very much a lot like Tin Hau/Ama Goddess Statue in the hill of Coloane, Macau.

Going to this part might be difficult especially for senior citizens 'cause the steps are quite steep, better stay at the lower part of the temple complex.

Wishing Pond

Most temples in South Korea are built on a mountain so it's no wonder why this temple, which is built on a seaside, is dubbed to be the most beautiful temple in Korea. 

This is located East of Busan and a lot of people flock here to watch the sunrise especially during New Year's Day. If you're thinking of doing that, the best way is to hire a cab that will take you to the temple 'cause I don't think you'd have enough time to travel if you're taking the first trip of Busan Metro and bus. 

Pictures below are taken on my second time in the temple. We were just coastal walking/hiking from Gijang Lotte Mart to Orangdae. 

Not a lot of people pass by this area but you can actually hike/walk from Haedong Yonggungsa and you'd reach Haeundae area. If you're interested then you can message me anytime since I've walked on almost all the coastal trails in this area of Busan. :)) 

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

If you don't get tired of walking and coastal trails are your thing, you can start from this temple walking to Songjeong beach, Cheongsapo, Mipo, Haeundae, Dongbaekseom, Bay 101. 

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