Busan 2019: Finding Fight For My Way's "Namil Bar" in Busan, South Korea

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location

Namil Bar is another "Fight For My Way" Shooting Location in Busan.

I was able to visit Namil Villa or the apartment complex they used in the drama last year link: here. I knew that a lot of fans visit the shooting location because the residents of the apartment villa were already used to fans taking photos outside their houses. 

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location

Last February, I read in the Facebook page of Dynamic Busan that the Namil Bar has been redecorated. I didn't expect it to be like that but it's now an "outdoor musuem" of Fight For My Way. 

Must-visit for the fans of the drama who are touring around Busan - iba 'yung kilig kahit wala na si Seo Joon dun. :))

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location

How to get here:

Take the bus #87 and it will drop you off directly at this area. It was so easy. The left side of the road leads you to the cafe/outdoor musuem while the right side of the road leads to the real namil bar which is a rooftop of a house. 

If it's your first time in Busan, it will be better to wait for the bus in NAMPO-DONG at the bus station near JAGALCHI and get of at Hoecheon Maeul Ip Gu/Hocheon Village Cultural Center. The travel time is less than 40 minutes. 

If you have internet then you can search: Hocheon Village Cultural Center in Google Map. 

Some instructions going here are via subway but the walk may be confusing because there are several alleys in this area of Busan so it will be better to take the bus #87. I think only bus #87 ply the route so just take it going there and back to either Busan Station or Nampo. 

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location

Less than five minutes walk from the bus station. 

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location

Circle on the left is the redecorated Namil bar and the smaller circle on the right is the original shooting location used in Fight For My Way. Above are some other places/tourist attraction in the area, a scene in Shopping King Louise was filmed near the area too. 

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location

It's impossible not to spot this sign.

Two years have passed since the drama was shown on television and yet you'd still see this. Sobrang effort nito, Busan! Kamsahamnida. <3 

Aside from Fight For My Way, there were other Kdramas that were shot in the area but FFMW is definitely on another level. Just look at how they decorated this place! Hindi lang 'to 'yung mga poster sa restaurants saying na naging shooting location sila, this area was made with FFMW and FFMW fans in mind. Marami siguro talagang nagpunta sa shooting locations that they made an area specifically for it.

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location

Wala kong ibang masabi aside from this is a must-visit not only by the drama fans but this place has a good overlooking view of Busan. 

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location Busan

There's a cafe there but it was closed the day we visited the area.

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location Busan

In the shelves are photos and memorabilia from the drama and in the bottles are drawings and quotes from the drama as well.

I'm out of words, really but I'm posting a lot more photos below just to show you the entire area.

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location Busan

This is the cafe.

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location Busan

Fight For My Way is my favorite Korean drama - hindi ba obvious sa pag shooting location hunting ko. lolz.

 I was so happy to find out that a lot of Park Seo Joon's fans like it the most too when we were asked during his fan meet last month in Mall of Asia Arena. 

Park Seo Joon's Fan Meet link: here.

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location Busan

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location Busan

 Before the sun completely set, we decided to go to the original shooting location. 

There were several murals that you can spot along the way. The original shooting location was only around 5 minutes walk. 

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location Busan

It will be impossible to miss this house too since there's a sign and a tarpaulin in front.

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location Busan

 Weird ba na kahit wala naman si Seo Joon e kilig na kilig ako?! Hahaha!

This is a residential area so make sure not to make a lot of noise. Leave the spazzing in the cultural center and take photos here quietly. lol. 

Fight For My Way Namil Bar Location Busan

Sorry, Choi Ae Ra. Pati cardboard, pinapatulan. HAHAHA!


Hindi itong nasa baba 'yung conversation nung ganyan itsura nila pero pwede na... :))
"Let’s just say I don’t. It’s better to live as if you don’t have a dream. If you do have a dream, you feel sorry for yourself. Must everyone have a dream, anyway? Even if I don’t have a dream, the world goes ’round just fine."

We would've bought drinks did we know that the cafe would be closed that day. It would've been so nice and relaxing to drink a hot beverage on a cold night like this while looking at the view.

Few minutes after sunset, a lot of Korean people came as well and they weren't only taking photos of the view but of namil bar decorations as well. :"> lakas ni Seo Joon!

Other FFMW shooting locations:

Ilgwang Beach
Seoullo 7107

Must-visits in Busan, South Korea: link.

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