Monday, June 25, 2012

Yoshinoya Beef Bowl (Gyudon)

P 145.00
for a regular order of Gyudon, iced tea and coffee jelly
I am actually wondering why it took me this long to try eating here at Yoshinoya.
Although I didn't like coffee jelly (well, I never liked it) I really liked the beef bowl!
This is one of the best I've eaten, and the price is not steep too. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The FaceShop Sseal Royal Jelly Moisture Cream

I couldn't find any information on this so it has been in my cabinet for months and realized that I should just look up the benefits of Royal Jelly and 

these are some of the infos I've gathered through various websites:

1. tightens the skin
2. stops the growth of bacteria that causes various skin infections
3. promotes the formation of collagen
4. reduces the effects of radiation on skin

The consistency is very thick like that of a honey (DUH!)  Its consistency is probably the reason why it kind of felt sticky the first few seconds but the product was still absorbed, you just have to wait for a few moments.

I always prefer unscented products whenever it's for my face since I have a really sensitive skin but even if it felt like this was heavily scented, it didn't matter since there was no stinging feeling and I actually loved the smell!
I used this as night cream until I've used up the entire content, for a whole week if I'm not mistaken.
  (I don't like it to be used as day cream, it's a bit sticky)

On the nights that I used this, I woke up looking a bit fresh and my face wasn't oily like usual. I guess one has to use this for a longer period of time to see more effects. I've emptied the entire content so I won't be using this anymore but if I were to buy myself a moisturizing cream, this would surely be one of my options 'cause the whole of it was okay, especially 'cause it didn't break me out. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Buddy's (Timog Avenue)

Ate here at lunch time so rather than ordering Pancit and Pizza, we opted for rice meals.

Dinuguan (85.00)

Free Soup

Longganisang Lucban Meal

LongSiLog ( around 110.00)

I really like Longganisang Lucban ( I can't eat sweet longganisas anymore) especially when it's dipped in vinegar!

Upon realizing that there's too much oil and fat and cholesterol in this meal, I should've just ordered my favorite pizza there, longganiza at quesong puti. Nonetheless, everything's still good. I miss! This (except the rice) was my breakfast/lunch/dinner for most days after our Quezon trip last April.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Healing Mass at Buklod ng Pag-ibig

For the fourth time, I was able to attend Father Faller's Healing Mass. And this is the second time attending mass there at Buklod ng Pag-ibig Healing Center, Balete Drive, New Manila, Quezon City.

This isn't something I intended to write about 'cause I've already posted an entry the first time I went there but since I learned that today is Father Joey's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FATHER! (just in case he's able to read this)

Sandwiches were given to all those who celebrated the mass.
He's a public figure so I guess posting this would be fine but I had the blur the rest of the picture, that's my mother beside him. The blurring's kind of useless since I've already posted my mom's picture here several times before. hehe

Kamay Ni Hesus, Lucban, Quezon

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wang Mart Korean Grocery, Bel-Air, Makati

Do you want to try cooking Korean cuisine and doesn't know where Korean groceries are? Or you just want to feel a little closer to your Korean crushes by visiting any place related to Korea? Or you're just bored? (HAHA!) Whatever your reason is, let me introduce you to one of the Korean groceries I've been at. 

It's Wang Mart at Polaris St., Bel-Air, Makati. Their telephone number is 897-43-23

While I don't have yet much pictures of the interior, I have this...

i geo muo yah?
Sorry, I can't really romanize.

What is this?
Tteokbokki Ramyeon

Inside that grocery store is a little kiosk which serves Korean foods and this is one of the menu.
This ramyeon may be not much but it's really filling; probably because it had rice cakes with it, and delicious despite being really really spicy! Their Kimchi had other vegetable leaves which I all don't know the names. Nonetheless, still good. Again, Kimchi and/or other Korean foods are acquired taste. In my case, at least.

So here, I might be updating this soon if my friends and I would have the chance to re-visit.

Again, looking for a grocery which has all your Korean goodies and foodies needs which price is not that steep? This is one of the places worth visiting! 

KFC's Flavor Shots and Streetwise Spoonfuls Mango Cheesecake

 These are from different days.

Sometimes we refuse change only to realize that they're really for the better.

I got upset (haha! or sad or shocked) when I found out that they've phased out the P 50.00 chicken steak that I always order whenever I'm on my tipid or no money mode. I once saw the commercial of flavorshots, and it looked like sweet and sour sauce so I didn't mind ordering it whenever I'm at KFC. Good thing I was informed that it is also available to be served with mushroom gravy.  And? I think I prefer this more than the chicken steak. Mas maraming ulam!
Mango Cheesecake Spoonfuls (29.00)

I was kind of disappointed with Dunkin' Donuts Blueberry Cheesecake donut so my desire to look for a cheaper alternative to cheesecake is still ongoing and?

I decided to order this at KFC and, OMG, searching=over!!

This dessert has four layers. Albeit not being a fan of the mango jam; the second from the bottom is the treasure. It really does taste like cream cheese! FINALLY! There are three more options for KFC Strretwise Spoonful Desserts but I don't think I'd still try them out, this is enough for me.

Although just one thing, I wish they make a large size of this just like what they do with their fix-ins. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Don-Day Grill, Teacher's Village, Quezon City


It's my second time eating there, but my friends' first.

Anyhow, these are the pictures of our foods, we ate there for dinner still P 300.00 but surprisingly, no free ice cream!! We were given before so I expected. Oh whatever, still sulit without that.

Puro baboy na lang laman ng katawan ko, seryoso. Buti hinahaluan ng gulay 'yung pagkain nila.

Don-Day Grill
Malingap St., Teacher's Village

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Goya Pretzel Twists

I love dark chocolates and for its price of P 6.50, I've just found myself another cheap treat to satisfy my chocolate cravings. I know that this had been out in the market for a really long time already but I only got to try it recently, it's my fault for snobbing locally made chocolates most of the times.

P.S. Eversince I decided to create this blog, I've been able to log most of my food intake, I realized that I really eat a lot, and actually, I've been afraid to step on a weighing scale for the past months but I did today despite the fear. And?... I've maintained the weight I had since December 2011! I mean, it's obvious that I'm not dieting but it's a relief that I didn't get any heavier.  Well, my BMI is above normal but fine. Whenever I look at my pictures when my weight fitted the required mass index, I was so haggard-looking, yes, worse than how I look these days. My current physique suits me. (hehe, palusot??)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oto-Oto Japanese Eat-All-You-Can


Weeks ago, a facebook friend shared a photo of a Japanese-Eat-All-You-Can buffet that costs P 195.00 which happened to be Oto-Oto Restaurant at TBC Building, West Avenue, Quezon City. Close and cheap enough, we then wanted to give it a try but upon reading all the comments on that wall post, we were discouraged. 

However, as I was texting with another friend last Thursday night, I mentioned this and immediately agreed to go with me. Saka marami pa namang kakainan sa SM o sa West Avenue kung bogus nga 'yung restaurant, kaya kahit hesistant kami, tinuloy pa rin. 

We met at SM North, passed by the MMDA footbridge going to West Ave. Malapit sa Paramount, ata? I've been seeing TBC building before whenever I pass there so it wasn't hard to find. Kaya lang, upon reaching the building medyo nag-panic kami kasi parang wala naman. 'Yun pala, nasa second floor nung cafe. 

Pag pasok, you are to pay P 195.00/person (why starts at  P 195.00, you ask? Kasi merong Set A, Set B, at Set C na pataas ata 'yung presyo.)

Wala kaming expectations, o meron? hindi ko na maalala, basta alam namin, at least nage-exist pala talaga siya. At ito na nga...

This is the condiments, plates, chopstick, order slips, iced tea, etc table.
Ala Carte Eat-All-You-Can kung tama ba 'yan, basta i-o-order mo lang kung gusto mo pang kumain. Merong order slip, duuun, 'yung mga papel sa likod ng chopsticks.

Natuwa lang ako na sa P 195.00, kasama na iced tea. Seryoso, ang mura. Kasi sa iba, magkano ba bottomless iced tea? 50.00? 70.00?

Eto na, ang dami naming kinain!!

I don't know the names, but they're good! Hindi man the best, masarap pa rin! Although bias lang ako talaga sa Cali Maki.

Tig-isa kami nung friend ko dyan sa lahat. 
Miso Soup, and Iced Tea!

Eto rin, share kami sa lahat at ang sarap din! :))
Nagustuhan namin lahat at kita naman dito ang ebidensiya, eating our hearts out talaga.

Paano ba kasi 'yung sistema?

Eto, tawagin na lang natin na sampler plates. Nung una, matagal 'yung pagdating nitong mga pagkain, 'yung tipong gusto na namin inumin lahat ng iced tea para lang mabusog na. Kaya siguro sinasabing ang pangit ng service pero naisip din namin na baka ginagawa pa lahat, maliit lang din kasi 'yung lugar, 7 tables? tapos hindi pa ata napuno kaya hindi nila ma-prepare beforehand 'yung mga pagkain. Kaya habang may kinakain pa, order na lang agad ulit para hindi nakakainip.

Saka buti na lang na nung Friday e hindi puno kasi kung oo, baka bitter post din 'to dahil wala kaming napala. Pa-reserve na lang siguro kayo para sure.

Habang inuubos na'min to, naisip namin na mag-order na ulit para hindi ganun kami katagal mag-iintay sa susunod.

 "Kuya, pwede po bang mag-order habang kumakain kami?"
"Opo ma'am, pakisulatan na lang po kung ilan ang order ninyo sa order slip po."

Ano order namin? Two orders ulit ng lahat.
Cutie, diba?
Mas marami kesa nung una.. nahalata siguro na ang takaw-takaw lang
Pag dating nito,
"Ano, order pa ba tayo?"
"Ge, kung kaya mo pa eh."

So next order,

"4 na order ng sushi, 2 nung mga ulam."

Parang si kuya, "Uhm, no left-overs po."
Parang kami, "Kaya ng powers namin 'to, kuya. Chill ka lang."
Sa isip-isip siguro nung kuya waiter, "Ilang araw bang pinagdamutan ng pagkain 'tong dalawang 'to? Bakit para silang PG... PiG."
Sorry naman, matatakaw lang talaga. O para mukhang sosyal... sorry naman, meron lang kaming big appetite at marunong kaming mag-appreciate ng cooking nila.
So these has been it. 8 orders of sushi, 6 orders of the viands, x glasses of iced teas etc.

Diba? All these for P 390.00, sobrang sulit na sa dami naming kinain, over na over, malapit o gluttony na nga eh. Kaya naman hinabaan ko 'to, dito man lang at least mabawi ng kaunti 'yung negative reviews na natanggap nila bilang thanks na rin for a very fullFILLING DAY.

Btw, maulit ko lang, the space is really small,  I guess that's the main reason why they couldn't accommodate everyone. Lalo na medyo naging maraming interested.

Pero food, ambiance, service, price? Lahat 'yan, pasado sa'min. 

'Yung TCB meron unli-cakes for P 150.00 naman, pag magtagal ng konti, I want to try eating there too.

P.S. Muff, kung makita mo 'to. Yups, akin 'tong blog. Makilala mo naman siguro. Sa dami ba naman ng kinain natin. :D

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Taco Bell!! (Trinoma)

As much as I wanted to take decent pictures all the time, I can't do that unless I upgrade my current Android phone with a unit with better camera or a Samsung Galaxy S3 which I think I'd love to own someday, it seems like a great phone! 
*insert '@SMARTcares, I want #SMARTGalaxyS3!' here.* Haha! 

Most of the time I have my digital camera with me but at times I don't or it's a hassle bringing it out, I opt to take pictures using my phone. Well, gotta admit, they're not that bad.

Anyway, here goes Mexican fast food.

Tacos, Cheese Quesadilla, Churros and two 16 oz drinks cost P 249.00

Cheezy Potatoes (?) costs around P 49.00

Grande Soft Taco costs around P 69.00

I think I had the drinks upsized, everything costs around P 380.00

I just eat whatever I had ordered but I don't miss out on Churros.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mind Museum

Explore the whole area as if you were a child again.
Be curious and appreciate all the exhibits, they're fun and amazing!

I saw some kids just playing with their Ipad and other gadgets while inside. SAYANG!!
This is Aedi, she (?) welcomes all the visitors.
Leave now if you want.

The next part would be, yes, the Mind Museum but sad to say, I'm also included in most of the pictures. So if you don't want to see my vanity, feel free to close the window or visit another blog. LOL!

But in case you won't mind, you're welcome.

Mind Museum Playground

My friend and I decided to visit the Mind Museum at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.


P 720.00 (?) for a whole day pass, I don't really recommend getting this unless there are so much people who are visiting too that you'd have to wait before your turn in trying out an experiment. Three hours is enough to explore the place and watch the two videos.

P 600.00 for an adult pass
P 450.00 for a private student pass
P 150.00 for a public student pass

*Students: bring a valid ID or any proof that you're enrolled.

If an open mouth is a sign of astonishment. 
Just imagine how amazed I am while trying everything out.
I've always wanted a picture inside a soap bubble.
 However, since it was so hot, the bubble would pop fast so I had no chance to look at the camera and I had to protect my eyes from the soap.

Funny how I get excited so easily by just this.
 You are to place those rubber sticks to mimic how a dam works.

Peep through this and have a chance to experience how animals are seeing things.

You whisper something in the yellow plate and the person on the other side of the dome would hear.
Pretty much like what I saw on the movie, Arthur.

My friend told me that there was a boy following us because he's enjoying watching me and copying everything I do.
 True enough, I really saw him and his parents on every playground exhibit I went at.

When visiting places like this, us, adults should really bring with us our inquisitiveness. 

After about an hour of playing, it was almost 12 nn so we had to line up to enter the museum.
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