Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Soban K-Town Grill, Eastwood, Quezon City

One of the newest Korean Restaurant here in Quezon City is Soban K-Town Grill in Eastwood Mall. As soon as I heard that it's K-Town, I was reminded of Los Angeles' Koreatown. 

Then I read that it was indeed inspired by LA's K-town. Hihi. So much looooove! <3

Anyway, if you've been on this blog before, you'd know that I love Korean cuisine so imagine how excited I was to try this restaurant out especially since I've been seeing pictures of their food in Facebook and in Instagram. 

We had the PREMIUM BBQ SET worth P 2,120

Good for 3-4 pax

180g Premium marinated beef, 180 g pork belly (choice of any 2 flavors), 180g boneless fried chicken, 2 japchae.

Sets come with unlimited soup, rice and side dishes. 

K-Taco is P 220.00/3 pcs. 

Grabe! Their version of Ssamjang is to die for! One of the best that I've tasted. Sobrang match for Samgyeopsal even those that are marinated already.

Woo Samgyup

It's a smokeless grill so no worries about your clothes smelling like Korean food afterwards.

I missed eating tacos! Huhubells.

I love how they made this into a fusion of Korean and Mexican cuisine. So LA! Not to mention that they have burrito a.k.a my comfort food in Vegas too!! This place is like hitting two birds in one stone for me. 

This is their Kimchi fried rice. It comes with the set. It was supposed to be spicy since it's kimchi so for those who love spiciness of Korean cuisine, this one's for you. However, I'd settle for a plain rice. Haha! Wala. Sobrang weak ko. HAHAHA

If the tacos and burritos are the fusion of Korean and Mexican, we have here their Kimchi fries which is the fusion of Korean and American. I liked this even if it's a bit spicy for me. The pairing worked so well. Infairness.

This also comes with the set, the Boneless Fried Chicken

My mom doesn't like the grilled meats in Korean restaurant but she loves their fried chicken so I will definitely bring her here. She'll surely like the taco and chicken.

 This is food coma Soban version!

I always went for non-marinated meats for my samgyeopsal but I found myself getting the meat marinated in fruity sauce the most. Hehe! 

The sauces in Soban are Original, Fruity, Chili Bean, Soy Garlic, Wine and Doenjang. I think I'll order wine and doenjang next time. 

Yay! Thanks Soban for a very delicious dinner and Aldous for the hoodie. <3
The Thrill Seeker talaga eh. :))

Akala mo ba, besty, it's over???

NO! May second round pa. :))

Dolsot Bibimbap

They call this Ultimate Beef Bap worth P 250.00

From the looks of it, one order can already feed two people. 

For dessert, we were served ice creams.

I am not a fan of anything coffee so I just took a picture of this.

But I loved how creamy the vanilla ice cream (middle) is. <3

Galaxy cocktail!


One shot, besty?

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2/F, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City
Quezon City, Philippines

South Person? Don't worry 'cause they're branching out in ATC! <3

Thanks Soban K-Town Grill for having us!!! I'll be back!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mt. Sipit - Ulang Day Hike (Less than 360 PHP)

Welcome back to mountain climbing, xtintina!
Shit just got insanely real, universe! Whatever happened to my one hike per month. Haha! I asked for climb mates, the universe gave me climb mates who love scheduling diy day hikes. Loving it so far though! Hike day Sundays. <3

Anyway, this will be about our day hike in Mt. Sipit-Ulang at Rodriguez, Rizal.


From Farmer's Cubao, we rode an FX to Rodriguez, Rizal.
In Rodriguez, Rizal we rode a tricycle to the jump-off point in Barangay Mascap.

Just ask around where the tricycle terminal is. 

I had no food with me back then so I bought my lunch from a carinderia near the jump-off point which I wasn't able to eat during the hike. It turned out to be a quick and easy hike (252 MASL) that we decided to eat our lunch once we're back here.

You are to pay the environmental fee and sign-up in this area. 


I didn't look at any hike posts but they were saying that this one's Mt. Bato Lang. I agreed with them as soon as I saw the rocky trail. Which, by the way, I prefer more than a muddy one. Our climb in Infanta, Quezon (Lilim Conservatory) is still my worst and hardest up to date. Link: here. 

Passing through this stone wall reminded me so much of the Ugong Rock spelunking activity I did in Puerto Princesa last year. Link: here.

I enjoy this kind of trail but it brings more danger to a clumsy person like me. haha! I always had to ask kuya guide, "Pano????" "San tatapak???"

The trail is interesting with all the limestone rocks. Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Hapunang Banoi which I'll be posting soon have the same type of rock. Also, don't forget to bring gloves with you since some have very sharp edges.

Bamboo bridge for picture taking.

Rocks making the trail a lot more interesting. 

Mt. Bato Lang gaming.

This is a traverse so we didn't pass through this back to the jump-off point. Paniki Trail is much more challenging than Banayad Trail. 

The part that protrudes in the middle of the picture above is Mt. Sipit-Ulang. It looks far when I took this picture but we reached that fast that I asked, "Ito na 'yon?" Sa isip-isip ko, di pa ko nagtatanong kung ano ba 'tong ginagawa ko sa buhay ko. :)))

Maybe because my body's getting used to physical activities again that this climb wasn't as hard and wasn't as self-questioning as Mt.Tagapo.

It started raining when we reached the peak but it was fine 'cause another group of hikers were taking pictures at the rock formation. Sipit-Ulang means crab claws, by the way. 

My usual self would just be fine taking pictures with this since I hate rock scrambling/climbing but my hike mates were all pushy I had no choice but to go up there with them. 

The view on top is either this or a mountain range with abundant vegetation. Huhu. No to deforestation!


Sat here for quite sometime 'cause I can't obviously go down and I can't go higher either. haha! Look how sweaty I was because of the sunlight.

Tintin's happiest when she's out there appreciating the beauty of nature. 

WOOOO! Who would've thought I'll have a chance to do this in this lifetime?! HAHAHA. 

So this is what I looked like during the photo ops while in Sipit-Ulang.

It was because of Kuya Guide's help that I was able to safely go down. Me and my poor choices in where to step and hold during descent were very evident that he had to make me step on his foot. 

Balik-Alindog program is kind of happening these days, guys. Just wait and see! CHOS!!


Descent was a lot easier compared to the ascent though we had to cross two streams.

It started raining when we got back the jump-off point. We ate our late lunch here, rested and took a shower because my leggings were again filled with mud.

Sorry to our laundry lady because it will be tough for her these coming days since we have more hikes schedules. And knowing me, I always go down the mountain with soiled clothes. 

Their shower area was clean with faucet. 

I don't remember hitting my leg on something so this developing bruise was a surprise.

Breakdown of expenses in Mt. Ulang. <3

Monday, November 14, 2016

USA 2016: San Diego Safari Park, California

No. Don't tell me that I'm too old for Safari Parks. hehe. If you're a tourist in San Diego, California it's kinda given that you'll visit Seaworld or Safari Park. That's what I did. :)) 

Up until now, I still get thrilled for zoo trips. I was excited for San Diego Safari Park especially when they told me that there are giraffes there. We had the basic park pass with the free tram ride. There are other kind of more expenses passes that you can avail to try out their other attractions such as the close encounter with the giraffe, zipline above the safari area and so on. 

Upon entering, we were told by the guide to head straight to the tiger trail because there are three cubs. So we did. They give out park maps so it was easy to navigate since it's kinda big. 

It was a hot day and the cub is enjoying his sleep. .

I must have been out of my mind to wear black long sleeves back there.

Mists are everywhere.



We missed the show but these two animals; leopard and dog raced that day. 

If the theme of my USA trip was "Seven Continents in Three Months" well, kind of succeeded with that. 'Cause it felt like visiting Africa while there.

I was with my Aunt and Uncle so we didn't really walk around that much. I also wasn't able to see the elephants but you know, seeing animals for the first time is still something enjoyable. 

That's the close encounter with the giraffe.

We rode this shuttle that drove us around the whole safari area where I saw giraffes, rhinos, and many other animals you can usually find in Africa.



After the Safari ride, we went to this High Flying balloon. Bought out tickets, waited for our turn.

But told that we had to have it refunded because it was too windy up there.

Such  a bummer but safety comes first so who are we to insist. Skydiving na lang! haha

This is the map of the Safari. I think we've only gone to like 1/4 of the safari but I don't care as long as I was able to personally saw a giraffe. :)))

Will these picture in the bamboo lined walkway be my lucky charm to Japan? Hmmm... let's see. 

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