Manila Bay "Sunset" Cruise

How we ended up deciding to go there, we can't remember either.

This is a port beside Folk Arts Theater, CCP Complex Manila
Ano 'to? Tubig na nilagyan ng basura o basura na nilagyan ng tubig?

Isn't this too alarming?
Or can't they like clean this up or something since it's where they do business anyway.

We were chance passengers of the "Prestige Cruises"
Most of the people have bought their vouchers online while we just went there on impulse.

A rate per person is P 250.00 (exclusive of food) but we added P 100.00 each so we can stay at the top deck. So we paid P 350.00 each for a more than an hour cruising.
Filipino Time!
We boarded the ship before sunset and left after sunset. Like really! We waited for more than 40 minutes. 

But I guess it was for the better that we left late, we were able to see MOA's 7PM fireworks display onboard! Yey!
But it started drizzling so we had to move away from the railings!
Not when I'm enjoying the view and sea breeze... 
And here we stayed at a covered corner, we just can't go inside. Sayang ang hangin sa labas. 

I'd love to return and experience this again.

Better during an actual sunset and best when it won't rain anymore.

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