Yam Cha Seafood and Dimsum Restaurant (Buffet)

Situated in Sct. Tuazon corner Timog, Quezon City, I'm pretty sure I've passed by there so many times though it was only recently when I heard about this restaurant which is currently having an eat-all-you-can priced 205.00/person without service charge and yet delicious and a lot of foods are offered.
This wet tissue costs P 5.00 each so use it.
The most disorganized and unappetizing food plating.

Spaghetti, Chicken Barbecue, Macaroni, Fried Chicken, Adobong Pata, Fried Lumpiang Shanghai, Tofu, Siomai, Plain Rice and Yangchow Rice.
Not spectacular but can suffice the cravings.
Sweet and Sour Pork, Sushi, Chicken Barbecue (No, not all the parts are neck) and Cuapao as they call it but it's actually Mantao, a white loaf of bread without any filling (like that of a siopao bun)
Some fresh fruits (watermelon, pineapple, papaya) and sweetened bananas which I didn't like because they have strong taste of vanilla.
My mom asked me, "If those doesn't taste good, why do you keep getting them?"

Okay, not the kind of sushi I'm used to, really, except the tamago. Tamago's are like these, just scrambled egg with sushi rice and wrapper. So it's fine.

I wasn't able to try everything but there are more to the choices than these.
And since it's written on their buffet that it's just a "promo," they'd probably stop this or increase the price soon.

With the amount of food that are available for your eating, the price is either just right or really cheap.

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