Human Heart Nature Natural Hair Mask in Jasmine


Today, I feel like a walking air freshener. 

I thought that I was just having normal headaches on some days these past three weeks but I concluded that it must be because of the scent of this hair mask. Turned out it's not only in milk teas that I hate the scent of Jasmine.

Today is the last time that I'd be using this, I emptied my  50G Tub  just after three uses meaning it lasted me three weeks.

How I used it: I shampooed my hair first then applied this, left it on for 30 minutes (or more) before rinsing.

Aside from the scent, I have no problems with this one. It makes my hair smoother and easy to comb even when just using my fingers though not frizz-free. And oh, it has a slight minty/cool sensation when applied near the scalp, I also like that.

10 months after having it rebonded, my hair is already in its awkward growth stage. My normal hair  is very much noticeable these days. And just like the old times (especially for the newly-grown hair), it feels like I'm always holding that static ball from Mind Museum. Static energy-fied hair.  I don't think this helped lessen the problem, my hair's still shouting "Hey, I was rebonded before. Spot the differences!" Yes, the growing part looks that frizzy and curly and I had that hope that this might tame the differences of the treated and non-treated. 

Nonetheless, it works if you want smoother hair and another plus of this product is this is all natural. I just don't see myself purchasing another tub ever unless I'd miss the headache it gives me. I hate the scent! I might, though, try the other variant.

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