Manila Ocean Park 's Seri Fantasy World (Part 2)

This post would contain some pictures of MOP's Trick Art Museum with me as the model. hehe

EDIT (7/3/14): BAWAL MAG JUDGE JESKERLERD. Pinag gagawa ko ba?! HAHAHAHAHA. Kaloka. Nakaka facepalm. :)))


It's an unlimited stay inside.
Yes, it shouldn't be timed. It's hard to be creative! 

My hair is supposed to be on the other side.

Notice the small pictures near every painting. In those pictures are some ideas that you can play with so you could come up with your own poses.

I decided to keep calm when interacting with the wild animals. 
And poke somebody's eyes. Just because.
Certainly a place the kids and kids at heart would enjoy.

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