National Museum of the Philippines 2012 (NAG and MFP)

National Museum Sidetrip! 

The last time I went there was our 4th grade's field trip, feels good to be back and tour once again when I'm a little bit mature compared to my previous visit... I think.
This is the regular rate.
But this month, October, the admission is free!

We stayed longer in the National Art Gallery.
A lot of gallery in both museums were under-renovation. 
Not bad, though, for a free visit.
Juan Luna's Spoliarium will greet you at NAG's entrance.

Trivia:  ALL MY LIFE I thought this work's name is SPOLARIUM. But I realized that it's spelled with an "I"

With a carved angel's butt. 
And with...
Holy Trinity
And the door that leads to Narnia...

When they're already using guns while we're using arrows.

Making me want to become an artist and have my doodles in a gallery like this in the future. Loljk. I can't even properly draw a stickman.
Went out of NAG and crossed the street to MFP where we only stayed for like 10 minutes because it creeped the hell out of us.
We don't know about you, but we didn't like the feel of MFP.
We were only able to visit two exhibits. I don't know how many exhibits were available for viewing.

These two were enough to somewhat scare us. hahaha. Weird, right?

Museums like these really give me shivers. Hahahaha!

This building is that place where anything Anthropology and Archaeology are exhibited.
I don't know.
Maybe it's because we didn't have other people with us while walking through these galleries, quite scary and ugh, whatever.
Goosebumps, really. 
And the part we enjoyed best, riding the capsule-like elevator.

Summer last year, we toured around Luneta and there was a big statue of Lapu-Lapu (from a few researches before, I found out that place's former name is Agrifina Circle) sandwiched by the buildings Dept. of Finance and a look-alike building which name I forgot.

The Former Dept. of Finance building turned out to be MFP.

Now I am able to map Intramuros, Luneta, Manila Hotel, in short, that Manila area better in my head. 
Went back to NAG 'cause the car's parked there.
So if you're able to view this before October 2012 ends, go there. Better if with friends unless you really like being alone and are not easily scared.

Now that I went there again without that much people touring with me, being the coward that I am, I can't go there alone anymore.

If you have a free day, you might want to visit or re-visit this area in Manila to be reminded of our history and culture. Totally not a waste of time. ;)

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