Human Heart Nature Products and Other Buys

I decided to visit Human Heart Nature store in Commonwealth this afternoon. It's time to replenish my stock of my sunflower oils but apparently I ended up purchasing all of these.
These are all the things I bought at HHN today.

Refer to their website for the pricelist but here are the product names. I don't know the exact prices since all of these are discounted by 10% except the lotion.

Sunflower Cleansing Oil and Sunflower Beauty Oil (which I already have a review here) I bought my old ones April of this year.

First thing I noticed with SCO was the change in pump, I hope it dispenses the product better. The old one dispenses too much in one pump.

Hand and Foot Salve in Strawberry

Purifying Facial Scrub

Natural Hair Mask in Jasmine Scent (I have already written several times here how much I hate Jasmine on my teas, I hope that doesn't apply with hair products as well)

Day Moisturizer

Lip Balm in Wild Berry

Moonlight Passion Lotion (which was 50% off)

I hope all of these products would work for me. I'll try to do reviews on these soon.

(If you're gonna buy amounting to more than P 1,000.00 and wants to avail the 10% discount. Tell me and I can refer you to a re-seller. Products are either picked-up or shipped to your homes. :D)

After a jeepney ride to Trinoma...
Saizen Cotton Pads

Out of all the cotton pads that are in Saizen, this is probably the best deal since it's two boxes for 85.00

But yea, I'm not sure of the cotton pads prices in department stores, so I don't know if this one's really a deal.
Bun Maker from BroadWay Gems

Eyelash Curler with Tweezer from Glish Boutique
A set for 50.00

I already tried the curler but it doesn't seem to work as good as my old one. 
Pond's Pore Conditioning Toner


I was using this before but I stopped when I decided to switch my soap to facial wash which I now stopped using too and went back to soap, so I bought a bottle of this again. (Gulo?)

Well this one's a pore conditioning and face whitening toner but as for me, it doesn't deliver all of its promises; my pores are still huge even after using this! Still gonna keep using this though, it doesn't break me out and cleanses my face well.

I wholeheartedly accept the most impulsive buyer of the day award.

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