TCB Unlimited Cakes and Coffee

I remember wanting to eat here months ago, this was priced P 150.00 then.

Now it's P 200.00, and yet although they're seen in the picture, you'd have to upgrade and pay P 100.00 for more cake varieties which we paid making this P 300.00.

And... I wanted to try Laguna Cheesecake but it wasn't in the options when we went there.

First is, of course, cheesecake.
You'd be surprised at how thick a slice was...

Gone in three slices.

But fret not, you can eat everything in there.

Here, too, is a glass of iced coffee latte.
I am not a fan of coffee, I stay away from it as much as I can but I still ordered.
Philippine Mango Shortcake

This one's okay, I liked the cream. If only the mango wasn't that sour.

And this one is?
I forgot the name but the icing's to sweet and I didn't like the consistency of the cake itself.
Another coffee.

This one's half iced bubbles and half iced cappucino and more cheesecake!
I like the blueberry more.

And another cheesecake...
Chocolate something...

Best of all my cake slices.

A better version of the previous blueberry cheesecake.

This one's with whip cream. 
And another glass of iced coffee, mocha, that I wasn't able to drink.

The cakes were all good, and I liked the cheesecakes. 

 I might go back there and hope that Laguna cheesecake's available by then.

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