Lee Min Ho for Bench? Fanmeet? YES, PLEASE!


My on-off crush since 2009, am I fated to get a personal glimpse of you? 오빠! 한번만! 

Driving thru NLEX's Balintawak exit... actually not, it wasn't I who was driving. I was the half-asleep passenger who luckily opened her eyes and saw Lee Min Ho's Bench Billboard. I was having mixed emotions (and I don't know why, that was only a billboard!) that I wasn't able to take out my phone right away and snap a picture of it. I believe the pictorial was only held recently because he was sporting his long locks since he's currently filming a saeguk drama entitled "Faith" or is it done by now? Idk.

Though I was kind of having ideas that he'll be one of the next Bench models a few months back because of a blind item that was passed to me by a friend who's shockingly also going gaga over him eversince she watched City Hunter, of course, there were doubts until today. And? Just now I saw a facebook post that he's also going to have a fanmeet on November 16. Seriously? That's a Friday...  uhm, where? and how much?

As of the moment, I believe there hasn't been any official announcements regarding the fanmeet so I don't wanna get my nor other person's hopes up. Just in case this would push through, I'm already kind of nervous or probably more worried with the ticket's price and/or mechanics whether it will be like SiHae's when there was still a raffle even after purchasing from Bench or like Zac's from a rival clothing company where you have to purchase merchandises amounting to 5K for a VIP seat. 'Cause yeah, I think I'd sit somewhere in the upper box or general admission if that's the case. Or whatever, I still don't know what's gonna happen by then but I'm pretty sure I'll be working my ass off in order to gather money even for the Gen Ad seat or hihi, for the most fortunate yet most impossible event, get myself a backstage/VIP pass perhaps? Maybe this is wishful thinking, probably mindless dreaming... Wait, Back to December much? Haha. 

EDIT: SURE NA PALA 'TO SA ARANETA. OMG LANG. :))))))) Sana makakuha ako ng ticket.


EDIT EDIT: I've made up my mind, I'm purchasing the ticket worth 1,000.00 and would shop at Bench tomorrow or on Tuesday, but my friend called that there aren't anymore tickets available but the 500.00 so I asked her to get for me too. She did and now few more days before Lee Minho! Although our place would be too far from him, okay lang. But aren't there any chances to upgrade? Infos on this please.

다음 달에 볼 수 있을까? 히히히

아, 이건 아니야.안되겠다. 

오빠 꼭 만납시다! 진짜 보고 싶어서... ;)

P.S Ayoko i-jinx 'to, ayoko nga rin ma-excite eh. Kaso, aigooooo. Bahala na. 

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