Crazy Pan Korean Restaurant

This Korean Restaurant is situated in CCP Complex, across Aliw Theater,  in Harbor Square if I'm not mistaken.


I was soooo ready to take pictures.

But they seem to live up to their restaurant's name: CRAZY. CRAZY BEYOND COMPARE.  

Bad night it was for us, and we kind of hoped that eating would appease us but it was the wrong choice of restaurant. CRAZY.

As we looked around, the other customers seemed happy with everything in there. I wonder why didn't they pay attention to us. And everything were out of stock!

Here's what happened:

1.  Fewer options. And we were like, "Do you have ....?" and the server would answer "Yes, we do have that." It was like the menu was useless, 'cause we need to ask him what else was there and their prices.

2. Really poor service. We were thinking of moving to another restaurant but they told us they were already preparing the food so we sat down again and tried our best to be patient. But yea, CRAZY.

3. Expensive. We ordered two samgyupsal but the servings were so small, and the lettuce they gave weren't even enough. Same goes with the banchan or sidedishes, which all weren't good, and the small servings of Kimchi Fried Rice. That was too little for a P 100.00/order.

4. They are short of stocks. We asked for more Kimchi and sidedishes but they told us they were out of stock.

I commented, "They should've told us they have nothing sooner."
My friend told me, "But it's business, they wouldn't drive customers away."

But you know, they should do their best to serve the customers well. No matter what happened before us arriving, doing GOOD business should be their priority. We're not a bit happy, it agitated us more, and we paid P 1000.00 for that. 

Gaaah, the whole experience drove us crazy! And although we were still hungry, we lost the will to find a better Korean Restaurant nor eat something to fill us up. Enough for a bad night.

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