Love Desserts, Banawe ( Again:> )

Re-visited Love Desserts at Banawe, QC today.
And the picture I wasn't able to capture before: their buffet. This is one side of the buffet where cakes are usually placed. On the right side of this are the ice cream and crepe station.
Cakes available.
Got sylvanna and chocolate slice.
And crepe with chocolate syrup and peach filling.
And they call these, "Chili Cheese" but I'm pretty sure I've eaten something similar to these called "Dynamite"

These are cheese stuffed chili wrapped and fried. 
Milk Tea
Better than before.
A slice of cookies and cream cake
Chocolate Shake
Cream Puff.
Another crepe.
This one has chocolate filling.
And singkamas with bagoong.

I like that they now have dynamite and this singkamas but I missed the chocolate fountain! I don't know if it's only not available today, or they totally removed it. I was expecting it to be there so I had no choice but to satisfy the chocolate cravings with crepe.

Nonetheless, okay pa rin. Desserts overload for P 199.00

Will I go back there? Of course. :D

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