Tous Les Jours' Macaron de Paris

I didn't know they were also offering this until I paid attention to the cake shelves while waiting for my most anticipated bread sale. 

P 140.00 for a pack of 5

French Macaroons are yea, macaroons, French version. Haha. Too lazy to describe. 
Upon the recommendation of the Ate, I got two pieces each of green tea and chocolate and a piece of vanilla.
I liked the chocolate, not sure of the other two. 

I was only able to try eating these macaroons once at Greenbelt's Bizu where they were way more expensive around P 45.00? I liked their pistachio flavor macaroons there. Back to TLJ, for P 28.00, this is good enough. I'd be buying the chocolate flavor again soon.

And as for the bread hoarders that we are...

Don't get me wrong, each of these breads is worth its price. I just, you know, want more and experience the sale hype.
Waiting there with the others is really a fun experience especially when you get to hear their strategies and stuff.
Even my sister whom I was with was surprised at how it felt like a battlefield(?).


Cream Cheese Pastry

But these are Almond Croissant, Sweet Red Bean Bread and Custard Cream Filled Bread (Not sure if these are the actual names)

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