J.Co Donuts and Coffee at SM Megamall

These donuts are probably the "in thing" right now, next to milk teas if they aren't out yet. In fact, I've never passed by any branch without seeing long lines of customers and that also make the others curious of what are in these donuts.

So, do these donuts (and coffee and yogurt) deserve all the raves (and seriously long lines) they've been receiving recently?

Let's see.

This visit here in Megamall branch is already my third time trying this out though I never got to write a post about that until today. Megamall's has the widest variety of donuts and the most convenient branch in all my visits (Trinoma and MOA) Perhaps because the line wasn't that long when we arrived so they are able to refill the donuts immediately and the waiting time didn't took forever.

The donuts we dined in, we settled for the "sure" variants.

Al Capone, Why Nut, Green Tease, Tiramisu

I believe Al Capone's the best-seller but the others are all good too.

Half-dozen costs P 230.00 (Around P 38.00 each)

I am a sucker for green tea so I'm torn between choosing this or the one with matcha.
We also ordered drinks and yeah, that's me in the background.

Mine was Green Tea Frappe Due (For those wondering what the pronunciation is, it's not due as in English due but doo-eh as the kuya pronounced it)
P 145.00

P.S I'm not a fan of coffee but because of Cappucino Avocado, I might reconsider! I really liked the mixture of coffee and avocado on that drink though it sounds a little bit weird at first. Try that out! :)

For the take-home donuts...
Way cheaper when you buy two dozens.

2 dozens would cost you P 550.00, that would make each donut cost around P 23.00. Cheap, right? Especially when it's sold P 42.00/piece.
Oreology, Ms. Greentea, Choco Caviar Chocolate, Choco Loco (DARK CHOCOLATE FILLING. OMG! I was surprised on my first bite), Crunchy Crunchy, Green Tease, Don Mochino and Tiramisu.

There are still a lot of variants to try but my current top three are: Al Capone, Choco Loco and Ms. Greentea.

Not overpoweringly sweet yet creamy and there are a lot of textures in the different flavors. More importantly, they satisfy my chocolate cravings BIGTIME!

The only two things that are not addicting with these donuts are the long lines and the long wait!  And yeah, another thing, you might want to decide which donuts you would want to order before your turn, just to make the process a little faster. 
I hope that you wouldn't have to wait too much when you're ordering yours. :)

Back to the question above,

My answer? YES!

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