Manila Ocean Park's Seri Fantasy World

One of the attractions at Manila Ocean Park is Seriland. This was really our destination but we learned about the National Museum's free admission so we side-tripped there first.

This post is the first part where I'll be sharing my pictures from the Mirror Maze (that we kept on calling Crazy Mirrors) and 3D theater.
We availed deal 1. 

Lucky us we went there when Halloween decorations were already set.
And that added to the creepiness of this place that you're gonna feel in the first few minutes of being there.

Just be careful of whom you're talking to, mirror reflections seem so real.
The goal here is to find the exit.

As we entered, we easily found the way out so we walked around more and reached the entrance again. The kuya told us that we shouldn't just roam around there like that. Ahh, so eventhough we were supposed to find our way out, it was a guided tour? So anyway, back to the start and we also wore hand gloves to prevent fingerprints from forming in the mirrors.
He taught us the picture spots. There were three.
Yikes! I'm floating! 
Did I manage to look scared?
 I just love the scent they left on my hands after wearing. You get to wear newly-washed pair of gloves, don't worry.
To the 3D cinema we go.
We watched Sky Adventure for 15 minutes with gradeschoolers whose shouts we weren't able to cope up with.

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