Matcha Kitkat!

There are two kinds of packaging for Nestle's Matcha Kitkat. This one, and the dark green one which only has two wafers.

I bought a bag of that (dark green) in S&R before but I didn't like it that's why it wasn't able to make it here but then, I was able to buy this in Merkado, UPTC when I claimed my *ehem* gift certificates for around P 45.00/piece.

 I can't point out what's the difference of this and the one in the dark green packaging but I am sure of three things:

1. I like this better.
2. I'm still going gaga over matcha products and I'm confident that meron kaming forever. :)))
3. I'm putting Japan in my list of countries that I want to visit as soon as possible. 
The packaging says that these are already for two servings.

I say, give me a box and I'll eat them all. Hahaha!!

Huhu. I now want to taste all the available KitKat flavors. :)))

P.S. More and more people are being influenced by me. I find it interesting and fulfilling (fulfilling kasi 'yun talaga ang goal HAHA! Mang damay sa gastos.) how some of those people who used to tease me for being addicted at something that tastes like grass are now asking me where to find anything matcha. 'Yan na nga ba sinasabi ko eh, wag kasi silang nang-aano. HAHAHA.

I'm thrilled that matcha is being slowly LOVED AND APPRECIATED by other people because the growing market for matcha/green tea/ nokcha means I'll have more matcha products to choose from. SUPER YES PLS!!!!

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