Real and Infanta, Quezon Day 1

Here are pictures from Real and Infanta's New Little Baguio area. 

This place became really special to me not only because those three days we spent there were all filled with laughter, tears (HAHA!), and talks about making sense of our lives. But because, it was raw - it was nature at its finest; a place free from commercialization with nature taking care of us since day one.

Little Baguio isn't a famous tourist spot but it is a well-known place for motorcycle riders.

For day one, it was a foggy and cold day. The real Baguio lost me in this, iba talaga pag nature. I've always loved fogs and clouds, in this matter, Little Baguio gave us a lot.

The banner picture that I have in this blog was taken there. 
It was gloomy yet so beautiful. Haha. And we had the whole place for ourselves! There aren't a lot of residents in the area so they knew all of us in just three days.

It was last December when we went there and the weather for day 1 and 3 were perfect for my preference.

According to a resident, fog clears up at noon. And she was right, it really did. 
Sunlight finally!

But this only lasted for around a three hours.
Then we bought buko and Kuya told us to go up this viewing area because buko would taste a lot better when drank from where I took this picture. HAHA. Yes for a P 20.00 buko enjoyed in a priceless view.
This was our view...
That hiway is called MaRiFanta Hiway. It goes straight from Marikina to Infanta, Quezon. There are no public transportation so this place can only be reached by private vehicles.

No wonder only motorcycle riders frequent this place.
Viewing Deck inspired by Baguio's Mines View Park.
Only a lot better because you'll be seeing mountains, forests, and clouds not houses. :))
Then we decided to go up the mountain to see a better panoramic view of the area. It was so windy here we couldn't take decent photos of us. 
Sobrang ganda.

I've always loved the feeling of being one with the clouds.

It was like Mt. Pulag camp site all over again without the pagod. 
This is Jariel's Peak (search them on Facebook), one of the few restaurants in the area, they serve exotic food there.

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