Real and Infanta, Quezon Day 3: Morning & Landslide

We slept in a tent on our second night.

Only few of the scratches I got from the mountain. HAHA!
The third morning was once again foggy and windy. Pinagbigyan lang kami talaga of a better weather for the descent and ascent.
Salamat, Little Baguio!!!

Para sa lahat ng saya at hirap na binigay mo sa'min. haha!

The fog was back as if to wave us goodbye... but was it really goodbye? Not yet!!
There is no water supply in the area and they only run a generator at night for electricity. The residents just harvest rain for their water supply and since we almost used up all the stored water in the house we stayed at, nag-igib muna kami on our third day while some cooked breakfast. 
Just on of the pictures showing how windy it was there.

Nakakamiss 'yung lamig.

Sa totoo lang, pag-uwi ko ng Manila, asar na asar ako sa init. HAHAHAHA!
We decided to go swimming before we head back home but in order to go to the nearest falls, we had to pass through the landlslide area. :(  Nakakalungkot dahil may landslide... dahil may putik na naman kaming maapakan. Napakagood job kasi ng suot kong footwear that time. Kain putik. Haha.
Grabeng pahirap man... this view was enough to comfort me and my battered body and soul. HAHA!

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