Real and Infanta, Quezon Day 2, Part 1

The weather was clear for day 2. 
The fog was nowhere in sight.

We needed to go down the mountain to visit one Barangay but it was impossible to reach it by car since there was a landslide that occurred and damaged the bridge. You may look for Jay Taruc's Motorcycle Diaries TV program to know more about the landslide, he has an episode where they gave out relief goods to the affected residents. 

I climb mountains, yes.
I love trekking, yes.

But I wasn't prepared for this at all. Descent was exhausting and punishing because this isn't a mountain that is frequented by mountaineers and tourists so the trek is, well, kind of hell with all the thorns, mud and steep descents.

 HAHAHAHAHAHA. I don't remember how many times I slipped and how many scratches I got from our 3 hours long descent.
The only time I hated my Sandugo sandals. Gave it away after this trip. HAHAHAHA!

I forgot his name but he made my descent a lot easier.

"Malapit na ba?"
"Oo, malapit na."


But he saved me though when I didn't know where to step at when a huge earthworm greeted (mej kasing taba siya ng ballpen) us there. He also helped me stand everytime I slipped. Grabe talaga!!!!!! As in best ever. 
We reached the area alive! HUHUHUHU ALIVE!!!!! But not unscathed. :)))
I don't know what this place is called. Okay, I knew it but I forgot it now. HAHAHA.

We were able to talk to the barangay chairman and tourism activities are already in the works for this area to divert the livelihood of the residents from illegal logging, kaingin based livelihood to a sustainable tourism based one. Much better. A lot better.

Someday, I hope I'll have a chance to work with an agency or organization that would promote sustainable and responsible tourism here in the Philippines or in other countries. I hate it when I see irresponsible residents and tourists. HAHAHA. Kala mo kung sinong responsable...
Cleaned up my leggings and scratches before eating.
Sarap maligo!!
Boodle Fight for lunch.

Thank You for the gift of then budding friendship. <3

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