Ying Ying Tea House, Binondo, Manila

Binondo Food Wok 2013 (Tasty Dumplings, Dong Bei Dumplings, Binondo Church, Wai Ying) link: here.

From somewhere in Manila, I oftentimes suggest going to Chinatown to eat. Unfortunately, two of those several times, we got stuck in intense hair-pulling, nerve-wracking, mood downer traffic ordeals. As in, buti na lang there's Ying Ying Tea House in Dasmarinas Street Corner Yuchengco. Didn't have to reach the gate of Chinatown, pwede na umikot agad para umalis na sa super ma-traffic na area especially last December. I wasn't even able to make it to a blog event for Mesa in Eastwood because I got stuck in traffic there. Sorry po. :( 

ANYHOW... these pictures were taken in two different visits.
Pay attention to the different watermarks. Haha. I was in the phase of deciding which one should I use and what domain should I replace my old domain with.
Thanks Ying Ying for saving the starving us twice.

Sincerity Chicken and other restaurants inside Chinatown were all close yet soooooo far and nahihiya na ko 'cause my companions all looked irritated. Hangry mode on na. We could've eaten at the nearest fast food joint but no. hahahahaha. Too much for always being the reason why they're inconvenienced. hahahahaha. But I still am the reason why they get to taste the food at different restaurants, right????? Pwede na. The end justifies the means. hahahahahahaha.

Good thing I saw the sign of Ying Ying Tea House and I was like, "Pwede kaya tayo mag-park para dyan na lang tayo kumain?!" Our driver was like, "Oo, pwede naman." Me: "Sige, Kuya dyan na lang tayo."
I wasn't able to read online reviews about Ying Ying but we still entered because we were famished and we wanted to get away Binondo real quick. I immediately saw that the place was packed and there were a lot of Chinese Nationals, it was only then that I felt okay with our decision. Haha.

And much more okay when I was able to taste the service hot tea. LOOOOOOOOOOOVED THIS!!!! I think it was a mild wintermelon tea. 
For 90.00/bowl, their serving is already huge.
This is White Chicken Mami.
Same story as above, we didn't make it to Chinatown so we ate here again. HAHAHA. I was quite disappointed when I found out that for that day, it was jasmine hot tea. The variant I prefer the least. :( Iba iba pala... 
Xia Long Bao
Sarap naman.

I was a victim of food poisoning so back then, I was really cautious as to what I am stuffing my mouth with (HAHA!). Seeing that their Dimsums were placed outside, as in para siyang isawan na nasa labas tas may mga dumadaan na cars at tao pero may cover naman, I was apprehensive while ordering this. I obviously did and I'm still okay. Safe naman.

That set-up isn't something that all people would feel comfortable in because it looks unsanitary tbh.

For the overall cleanliness of Ying Ying, I can't say that it's the cleanest restaurant I've been to but it's also not too shabby. The crowd, service, price, and the taste of food compensate eh. Keri lang. 
Soy Chicken Rice
Not my order though I love the dip. 
I forgot what's the name of this but I had slices of Roasted Peking Duck, Asado, and Liempo. 

All of these were good. Also, notice the big serving of rice. Hindi namin naubos 'yung one cup nila. 
Because they have one of the best mami that I have tried so far. Just that the soup of beef mami and soy chicken mami are more flavorful than the soup of this (Dumpling Mami/Wanton Mami).

And who knows?
Ying Ying could save us again in the future so I'm looking forward to our third visit. 

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