Feed Your Senses at KitcheNails, Trinoma!

KitcheNails currently has two branches - one in Alabang Town Center and one in Trinoma. We went here last January during the opening day of Trinoma Branch.

I don't recall seeing a nail salon/spa anywhere in Trinoma so I think it's safe to say that they finally have one and in a very unique concept pa.

Here's for us North babies!

KitcheNails, as the name suggests, is a kitchen-themed nail salon.
I love how they went all-in for the concept. When you say KitcheNails it's not just a new nail spa in Trinoma but a nail spa that can offer you new experiences. Aside from being in lined with the theme, everything's so cute and girly.

Here's the cupboard of the order counter where the Chef will mix the ingredients... oooops, more of this later. :)
I am impressed with how well-thought of the interiors and designs there. It was like as if you entered a bakeshop, really. 

Here's a picture of the receiving area where they'd ask you what your orders are. 

So as I was saying earlier, there's a chef who mixed the ingredients that are to be used for your order.
They're very detailed when it comes to what you're getting because they want to serve you in the best possible way. Everything's dependent on your preference but don't get intimidated with the choices because they explain everything too.

The "order process" is a plus points as well because the customers are given the chance to say beforehand all the things that they want to be done. By the way, the "ingredients" they use are all organic.

What I had that night was Chef's Special in Spiced Plum Panacotta. Huhu. It smelled so goooooood!
Here's the area where the cooking takes place. place... 
How cute are these???

When I saw these, I was like, "Omg ang cute!" 
"Baking time."
  Isn't it cool how they stick with the theme all throughout your stay there? KitcheNails surely has a unique concept that even if you're a frequent goer of nail spas, you'll still find a lot of interesting things and hear interesting terms there.

After soaking hands in a baking pan and applying the mask, arms are then covered with cling wrap.
A big thanks to my Nail Server Ate Melda for treating me like a princess. Di niya ko nasugatan saka ang bait. Hi Ate! :D
After our handspa and manicure, I got freshly-baked hands. Haha! 

It was so fragrant I couldn't stop smelling my hands afterwards.
Kind of struggled with how I'm taking the photo of my nails. hehe.

Follow them on their social media accounts (@Kitchenails) and don't forget to use the hashtag #Kitchenails on your visit! 
They are located on level three, near Mindanao Avenue Parking Area and Trinoma's Customer Lounge. 

 Thank you, KitcheNails for having us!

Thank you, Aldous for organizing this event! :)

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