Wangfu Chinese Bistro, UPTC

I ate my first Hainanese Chicken meal in Singapore. Back there, the meal wasn't one for the books but it definitely made me want to try other restaurants serving Hainanese Chicken. 

Anyway, most of the restaurants I've gone to didn't even make it to my Instagram account but Wangfu made it twice. My first time in their Il Terazzo branch and this one in UPTC. So ang espesyal kapag na-Instagram at na-blog ganon. HAHAHA. 

Meal comes with soup and tofu with pork floss. I think this set meal is also with unlimited rice, I am just not sure.

The chicken was cooked right - it was tender and juicy. I wish I could say that this tastes close to the one I had in Singapore but no I can't because this is much better. Also, the three dipping choices are so good though only spring onion with ginger soy sauce are for me. Yup, Wangfu's one for the :))
This is the first time trying Salted Egg Fried Chicken.

The main reason why I ordered this is because I was curious as to what it tastes like. What can I say? It tastes good especially since you can really taste the flavor of the salted egg as the breading and it's quite crunchy but this is something that I probably need to get used to before appreciating it fully.  You know those food that you're used to eat with a constant partner (Salted Egg with Tomatoes) that pairing it with other food isn't something you immediately like. Or ako lang 'to. Haha. 
Pork Chop with Chinese Style Mayo

This one's good to but there's an umay factor. Should've have stuck with Sweet and Sour Pork.

I don't remember why I have no picture of our Shark's Fin Dumpling but it is something you should try. As in, okay na nga ko dun saka Hainanese Chicken Rice eh. :))


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'Yung totoo, ang dami ko na palang nakainan or mga nakainan kong nag branch out from South dun. Next please. May suggestions ka pa ba? May natira pa akong Gift Certificates from Merkado eh kaya babalik pa. HAHA! Thanks! Kbye. :))

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