Real and Infanta, Quezon Day 2: Lilim Forest Conservatory and Ascent

We were allowed to go around the Lilim Forest Conservatory.

For reservations to this place, refer to their Facebook account link: here.
The owner of this place was one of the people responsible in making Lilim a protected area.

Thank you for your efforts, Sir!
Most of the time, retreats and recollections are held in this place.
One day, I want to go back not by trekking down though. HAHA. 
Picnic Tables
They have a lot of amenities like this pool and more are still being developed.
See the peak there, 'yung nasa gitna na matulis???! That was where we came from!!! LOVE IT!!!! Still can't believe we made it back. HAHAHAHA!!!
Overnight huhuhu

Thinking of the ascent, we wanted to spent the night there.

Take note: You can reach it by riding a vehicle, iba 'yung daan. Galing kami sa taas (Little Baguio) area pero meron daan from Quezon talaga. 
Viewing Deck
Like the one in Kamay ni Hesus.
About to go through the arduous ascent again. 

It was my toughest one hour as in I can't and I won't be able to replace that special moment. It was a lot harder than Mt. Pulag's assault! As in seryoso, namanhid ako sa sobrang hirap. HAHAHA! It was so slippery and the mud always stuck to my sandals plus we were time pressured since ayaw namin abutan ng gabi dun. This is a "virgin forest," a lot of monkeys, snake and wild boar still live there. Ang liit ng ibang daan tapos.ang daming branches na pag tinignan mong maigi, bangin na pala 'yung nasa ilalim. You wouldn't want to fall to an abyss, noh! Sarap pa mabuhay. hahaha.

Buti na lang we had dogs who trekked with us, it felt safer.

There came a point when I didn't care about anything anymore, I only wanted to get back alive even if it meant a lot of scratches and ant bites to me. Sobrang dami kong sugat that time nakakaloka pero lampake ako!!!! Rather than slip down, it was better to hold onto branches, some of which, had thorns :(( The rattan (sobrang daming thorns ng young tree) tree are also abundant in the area. huhuhu!

You wouldn't know how strong you are talaga unless being strong is the only choice you have. 
After all the hirap, you know what's amazing???

We went it back in an hour!! We descended for three hours and the harder ascent, we did in an hour.

This is only one of the reasons why Sierra Madre Mountain Range is special to me. Haha
Cheers for all the moments when we felt like giving up but held on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May we never lose hope even in the hardest and trying times... we'll get there eventually. Go lang! Before you even know it, you've reached your summit. :)))

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