Galli Village Cafe, San Antonio Village, Makati

This is located at YMCA hotel in front of Sacred Heart Church, Makati but they also have a branch in Maginhawa Street, Quezon City. 

To give you a brief history of the restaurant, the word Galli is a combination of the owners' surnames Garcia and Villongco. 

Please excuse the pictures. Haha! 
Tin was late (again)
Don't be like Tin.
Always anticipate the hellish traffic jams. 

So there, I came in late thus they were already eating when I arrived. But these pictures I have here would still work. :))

Their paella is only made if there's an order to ensure the freshness and the taste so be prepared to wait for 45 minutes but you can also order in advanced. But, if you decide to wait then I assure you that this is going to be worth it. Uy, walang hugot. Masarap kasi talaga.
Beef Salpicao

Unfortunately, this wasn't that remarkable for me but they only use beef tenderloins so it's not surprising that this was tender. 
Shrimp Gambas

Not only because I am shrimp biased but this one was my favorite of all the viand I had for that night. You know how bad I am at describing food but this one's really really really good that I took the last piece. HAHAHA. Alam mo naman nagkakahiyaan sa last piece diba?  E you could really taste how fresh the shrimps are so huhu obviously, I wasn't able to resist.

Nga pala, they only use sugpo for this one.

 I love that they always make sure they're only cooking the finest ingredients yet still manage to make everything reasonably-priced.
Chicken Al Ajillo

Bet with rice! If I were to rank the viands I had that night, this comes in second to the shrimp gambas.

Galli Village Cafe may be a small restaurant in Makati but the pictures and paintings there are big things. Hehe.

All the decorations found are remembrances and souvenirs from the owners' previous travels in several countries.These pictures undoubtedly added a different feel to the restaurant - and even made the place much closer to the heart hehe. Of course, more inspiration for us who have been bitten by the travel bug.
I wasn't able to take pictures of the entire place but there are a lot more decorations, travel magazines even.

Btw, you may reserve the whole area for small celebrations or family gatherings.

Thank you, Ms. Christine for having me again and Aldous for organizing this event. :))

Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro, Tagaytay link: here.

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