My Top 5 Grocery Stores

These are all near Tandang Sora Avenue except 1. 

I won't focus on the price differences but my experiences in each.

Moved the little background at the read more part below because my little background got longer and unfitting for this post... :)))) 

I am guilty of only wanting to get these freebies that's why I went there to do the groceries. Haha! The Fiesta Hams that I redeemed in exchange for the charge slips (as in, career na career ito mga 'te) were from my BDO Cash Card, BDO JCB Credit Card, and BPI Family Bank Credit Card. The Holiday Pack was also from BPI FB Credit Card.

Aside from the promo, why Walter Mart as my first?

It felt comfortable and it's spacious.

 A lot of people go there to do groceries but no long lines at the cashier. It's also surprising that even if it's supposed to be crowded, you can hardly notice the people because the aisles are wide enough. I love that there are, I think, four kinds of push carts available. Aside from the other promos and freebies, there is a free parking stub, the staff are courteous and helpful, and they definitely have a lot of choices.

Plus, I get to use my SM Prestige Card to accumulate points. Haha! Nanghihinayang din ako sa points ko since hindi na nga madalas mag grocery dun sa SM so good thing, they're partners with Walter Mart.

There's also a Japanese store (items priced at 66 or 88) at the third floor of the building. I bought a lot of baking tools and non-irritating fancy earrings there.
Merkado at UPTC as my second.

It's brightly lit with all shelves usually well-stocked and the store layout is superb. It also looks sophisticated and high-end. To tell you honestly, it was intimidating at first because it looks expensive. haha! The first time I went there was when we were waiting for our seat at Mama Lou's and that's when I found out that the some prices were at par with other grocery stores. I did a grocery or two, signed up for the membership card and one time during those grocery trips, I dropped a raffle entry for Unilever and Merkado's Great Winter Sale. I don't remember dropping a raffle coupon for this but I won. Haha!!! I think the fated day was after going to Regina Rica and Pililla Windmills. Alam ko, walang nagtanong kung kelan. Haha.

 I didn't anymore have the coupon with me because of the New Year's Day cleaning but they sent me an e-mail so I got the certificates last night. Yep, 11k richer in Gift Certificates and proud. I am getting used to having my picture taken like that since I've been winning raffle promos since last year. ANG YABANG KAINIS HAHA : Pero next raffle winning pls. :)))

Anyhow, like what I posted in my Instagram account, I did have my picture taken with that big check and I'm pretty sure it's going to be posted somewhere in Merkado along with the other 10 winners. I'm excited to see my second poster in UPTC. Haha! My first was when I attended the Wingman's Quiz Night. 

Trinoma's Landmark as my third.

First, their mall hours last Christmas season was extended until 11 PM so no rush. They have four choices of push carts and several choices of places to eat at. Hello, Trinoma 'yan eh.

Also, I found my favorite matcha candy there. One thing lang is that I don't think they have a loyalty card so no points for me. I am a sucker for anything that accumulates points kaya ang lungkot ko. Hahaha! The line at the cashier can get long but bearable.

Fourth would be S&R Membership Shopping except Christmas Season. 
I have no pictures from there 'cause it was a stressful place to be in during the holidays. It was so crowded that one can barely move. The concept's fine but I am not digging the self-service style all the time. Ang hirap mag-buhat pag maraming binili. Haha. Tamad.

I buy my Psyllium Fiber, Dove Soap, and Roasted Seaweed there because these things are cheaper in bulk (actually most of the products being sold there are cheaper) and their pizza is still one of my favorites to date so I'm renewing my membership card.

Fifth is Rustan's, Powerplant

I went to Rockwell one time, entered Rustan's and I saw this. My Meiji Kyo-Matcha Chocolate is sold at P 127.25 at Rustan's!!! GOSH I HAD THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE. HAHAHAHA. Walter Mart sells a box at P 218.00 while the old Cherry at P 250.00. The heck. Just when I thought that Rustan's have more expensive items, they're selling my favorite chocolate at that price. Ang dami ko pang pinagdaanan na indecisiveness noon kasi nga 250.00 tas meron palang 130. Huhubells. But I am glad that I now know about this. hihi. Ang layo nga lang ng Powerplant. :))

Okay, I haven't tried doing my grocery at Rustan's yet but I'm making it my top five because of my matcha discovery. hehe.

Done with the top 5.

Hugot part and little background after the page break.. :)

I felt sad that the old Cherry Foodarama has closed down 'cause it was our go-to grocery for years. The noise, people, dirty tiles (lol), and cheaper prices are all terribly missed. If you've been there before, I'm pretty sure you know what I am talking about. Iba talaga 'yung lumang Cherry. :( So if you're thinking that, there's a new Cherry naman, well, I've only gone there once. I'm not saying that I'm never going back but it's now the last place that comes to mind if I'm doing the groceries. 

Then we transferred to SM Hypermarket since it's close to home. Well, we have Puregold and Save More that are closer but Hypermarket has more items on sale and it's more spacious. It was all fine until I encountered several undesirable experiences with them. Then, it came to me that it was because of the customer service representative that we were okay with Hypermarket and when she left, things changed. Maybe it's my I-need-to-have-it-my-way attitude SOMETIMES, my sense of entitlement issues, and my failure to understand reasons that are at play here but yup, something happened and I haven't gone back there again since that night. 

Cherry - It felt like someone you had a long relationship with. As for the character, he wasn't the sosyal type but he was okay, he was good enough, and he was all you needed. Then he announced that he's leaving - yup, no explanations and all, he just left. After several months, you heard a news that he's coming back. You've anticipated his return only to find out that he isn't the same person you know. He's changed, maybe got more sosyal, lost all the boisterousness and got more refined so even if he's bearing the same name and exterior, you could hardly recognize him. All those things that made you love him? He lost them. You were so disappointed by what happened and lost the will to make it work. That's it. 

SM - It felt like someone whom you settled with because there has to be one. At first it was okay, everything was bearable. Until those things that are making you stay are disappearing one by one. He wasn't very polite and efficient as well but the major trigger was because you encountered that one moment that made you say, "This is the last time that you're doing this to me."  Pero I've forgiven whatever was that I just haven't had the chance to go back yet. 


E kasi, I am in a very serious relationship with food.

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