Urban Eats, Congressional Extension, Quezon City

Here's another food park in Quezon City, Urban Eats which is just two jeepney rides away from my house. (Dahil kailangan ko pa talaga sabihin 'yan...)

Isn't it surprising how Congressional Avenue has transformed into what it is now? Well, sige, pati Visayas Avenue at Mindanao Avenue. Because of this, we must be happy that we are having more and more restaurant choices here in the North. Kami naman dayuhin niyo, South people. haha! 

Anyway, here are some pictures from that super kaduper filling night at Urban Eats. 

The interior is well thought of and you can find wall arts everywhere.

As for the areas, they have an airconditioned area, smoking area, garden area. Iba iba. All in one.
Smoked Farmers
Lemon Grass Pork Belly

This one's flavorful and I find the dip very interesting. I can't distinguish what the spices used were but it complemented the pork well.
Ilocos Empanada. <3

Farinas Ilocos Empanada's stall is open 24 hours, while the others are from 3PM - 2AM. 
Chocolate Mousse
Loaded fried!
Loved this. 
This is one of those that I liked the most but I wasn't able to get the name of this dish.

This is from the Mexican food stall and based from experience, my cousin was able to successfully order is just by saying, "'Yung maliit na roll na may laman sa gitna pero hindi burrito." Yup hahaha. Ganyan ako kagaling mag-describe but it worked so.... 
Urban Hits @ Urban Eats

Thumbs up for the free acoustic night every Saturday!
I don't know what this looks like now since this post is a month delayed but yup, go na here with your forever! 
Samgyeopsal minus the smell of smoke from WYK Korean Resto

We were also able to taste their Spicy Pork and I liked that as well. Masarap at hindi lang bias ako sa Korean cuisine. :))
Also one of those that I liked most.

Spicy Salmon Tartar Ebi is an appetizer from Nihon Ryori
Beef Float from Quench
That's what I am talking about oh, albeit blurred, I'm sure the wall art is still obvious. 
Hainanese Chicken, Scallops Florentine, Chicken Lettuce Cup of Valentina's

My favorite among the three is the Scallops Florentine. 
Bacon Wrapped Tuna from Nihon Ryori
We were also served longganiza pizza with this Ilocos Empanada. Huhu. Love this to the last bite! I frequent their branch in Visayas Avenue so this isn't something new to me but one thing's for sure, this never fails to make happy. Hehe! 
The dip from Smoked Farmer's was really interesting.
Shrimplet Gladiator of Hungry Knights
This has just the right amount of creaminess which is made more balanced by the diced carrots and corn kernels. The shrimps were also cooked well and doesn't have that rubbery texture.
So cute these drinks.

Capital letters para intense. Hehe. Just wish they had a special straw with this huge serving of iced tea.

These are only some of the food offered there so visit and I'm pretty sure you'd find something that you like.

They are open everyday from 3PM to 2AM except for Farinas Ilocos Empanada that is open for 24 hours. 

Thank you Ms. Hazel and Aldous for this event! :)

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