Busan, South Korea: Teteru Museum in Lotte Premium Outlets

We went to Lotte Premium Outlet in Busan since it was recommended by locals for we were looking for a place with big discounts 'cause we wanted to buy shoes. Anyway, while walking around the mall we saw a sign to the Teteru Museum/ Teddy Bear Museum. 

This kind of museums are famous in Korea - the first time I saw something like this was in a drama and that was the one in Jeju-do. 

Teddy bear museum is one of the many attractions you can see in Huis Ten Bosch, Fukuoka, Japan link: here.

I saw KBS Media and I told my friend to check if there was an entrance fee 'cause I wanted to see what was inside and it's free!! :))

Some of the life-sized bears were a little shocking at first glance 'cause it feels like someone's watching. 

It's so cute 'cause they were showing some of their famous dramas through the poses of these teddy bears. Guess which drama are the bears above from? Yup, winter sonata in Nami Island

Okay ba tayo dyan? Somaek pa?? Hahaha! 

I remember one mall in the Philippines that had this infinity room attraction as their Christmas decoration and we went all the way to Pasig for that - waited for more than 30 minutes to get in and it was underwhelming inside. Pang #IGfeedgoals lang talaga. Haha! Guess what? I've been seeing this kind of rooms eversince and I didn't even had to fall in line for the next ones. 

We were the only ones inside that time so photos turn out to be a little bit crazy.  haha!

This is a DOTS inspired life-sized teddy bear. 

I was looking for 2 Days, 1 Night back then 'cause they had a space for their variety shows and my favorite program wasn't there. Was it a sign that in less than a year my favorite show, which has been broadcasted for nine years, will end? :(

Dae Han Min Guk!


So anyway, aside from the Teddy Bear Museum you can find good deals in this outlet mall. We were lucky that while looking at the Adidas Outlet they suddenly had an additional +10% discount for two hours so we were able to buy shoes for like 50%-60% off.

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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  1. What’s the opening time for the teddy bear museum at Busan?