Busan, South Korea: Morning Walk at Haeundae Beach

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

On my second to the last morning in Busan (2018), I decided to just walk around Haeundae in the morning. I couldn't count the times I went in this area since it was just around ten minutes walk from where I lived but during each of those many times, it felt as if it was the first. 

One of the attractions in Busan is called Moontan Road where you can find an old railway. They were rehabilitating this area last year and walking here should lead you to Cheongsapo / Cheongsapo Skywalk and Songjeong beach. Believe it or not but I walked on almost all the coastal walk in Busan because I was too lazy to find the nearest bus station and..... everywhere felt like they were walking distance and they were AT LEAST FOR ME. :))) 

Moontan Road link: here.

The first time I went here I was alone but during this time, I came with a friend. During afternoon, you'd see a lot of couples here so it was much better visiting it in the morning. lol. 

Facing the beach, Moontan Road is on the left so from left, we walked towards the right part of Haeundae - Hotel Chosun. 

Okay so on this part of Haeundae, you'd see fishing boats (Yup, definitely Korean style) and there are several sashimi/ seafood restaurants along this stretch. 

During mornings, you'd see ajummas and ajushi selling seafood freshly caught from the sea 'cause you'd see some still unloading from the boat. 

We continued walking until we reached the beach proper of Haeundae. 

You'd pass through buildings after buildings until you reach the wide sandy shore. 

I believe this photo was taken around 9 AM but it looks like 6 AM because of the fog. Well, that's what your autumn morning looks like on most days when in Busan. Anyway, during summer, there should be umbrellas installed in this whole stretch which people can rent once they go swimming. 

With Haeundae, I preferred hanging out there at night. You know, sitting on a scarf while listening to the waves drinking a bottle of soju. <3 I always thought that I liked the mountains more than the sea but turns out it's the same - I just haven't hung around much by the ocean before until Busan.

The walk started a bit farther than the three highrise buildings. The hill on the right is where moontan road is located.

Unlike this day, it was sunny the first time I walked here in Dongbaekseom.

Dongbaekseom Coastal Walk link: here.

This is a very east coastal walk and I don't even think it took us an hour to walk from here to Bay 101. 

Bay 101 at night link: here.

And yes, it's a lot better to go to Bay 101 at night because the of the lights. I didn't really appreciate the buildings/view when I saw them during daytime.

We didn't want to walk all the way so we went back after taking pictures at the mermaid statue. Passing through this cafe in Westin Chosun, we heard that their music was nice to hang out to so we ordered a drink and just people watched for an hour before deciding to walk back to the apartment.

You know, and I think I've said it a couple of times by now, the reason why I'm so fond of Haeundae is because everywhere is walking distance. I feel deprived whenever I'm in Quezon City because there aren't really a lot of places to walk here where you have "nature" and where you won't have to fear for your life, if you know what I mean. Also, even if I wanted to walk around, the heat makes it unbearable on most days. 

My friend pointed out that this building reminds her of New York's Flat Iron building. Never noticed that before but I still asked her to take my photo with it in the background. Never did I imagine that I'll be seeing the real flat iron building in NYC six months after this trip. 

The main reason why I chose September - October to be the time of my trip was because I wanted to see the colors of Autumn and it turned out that I was a little bit early 'cause it was only during my last few days there did the leaves changed their color. 

But still, autumn is autumn. 

 Still saw a lot of fall foliage in Seoul on my last day and I'm going back anyway so I hope I'd get the dates right this time. <3

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