Busan, South Korea: Cheoryang and Busan Station Area

This post will include the following places:

Busan Station
Busan Chinatown
Shopping King Louis Shooting Location/ Viewpoint
Ebagu Crafts Workshop
Geum Su Sa (?)
Skyway Observatory
Yoo Chi-Wan Postbox Observatory

An afternoon when I decided to explore this part of Busan just because. :)) Central Busan is very much different from Haeundae area so walking around here was also interesting 'cause you get to see the contrast even if they're only around 50 minutes away when riding the metro. 

Very easy to spot because of the arch but I wasn't feeling hungry so I just looked around and continued walking. 

While you can't download an offline map in Google maps when in Korea, you can screenshot the place you're going to and hope for the best. haha! Though this only applies to people who don't rent wifi and don't buy sim cards like me. 

I've seen Shopping King Louis but the impact wasn't the same with Fight For My Way that I didn't even realize that some parts of that drama were shot in Busan.

This is the Busan most people see when watching Korean drama. I also initially wanted to choose this place when looking for my accommodation but it's a good thing I chose Haeundae. However, if you're visiting Busan for less than three days then this area, Nampo, or Seomyeon would be the best locations if you're looking for a place to stay.

I just continued walking around since there were signs pointing to where the viewing areas are. I was alone when I went here but since there were a lot of bus stops, it wasn't scary to get lost. 

The next place that caught my attention was Yoo Chi Hwan View Point and so I followed the sign without thinking that the place might be far from where I was. Hahaha!

I continued walking uphill and when it already became too tiring, I initially gave up and just looked for a bus stop. 

Before reaching the bus stop, I saw this staircase decorated with lantern and this leads to a temple. I decided to check what's up there. 

No one was there but a dog escorted me inside. 

I was surprised when I saw these statues 'cause I thought there were real people at first lol

Until now I am not sure what the name of this temple is but in the map there's a place called geum su sa. 

Continued walking since I followed the direction to the post box and then I saw this walkway. The reason why I climbed the stairs was because I saw a public restroom, but then I decided to just continue walking here rather than go back down the streets where the cars are.

And then in one of the signs, I saw that this place is called Skyway Observatory. It's not a huge place when you look at it from here but there's a staircase leading to the mountain. 

I was thinking of waiting for the sunset in this place but there were a lot of mosquitoes so I decided to continue walking and looking for the postbox. 

And so I reached this place <3

I know he's a poet who died in this area so they built this as a tribute but the main reason I wanted to reach this place was the view. 

After this place, I went to the nearest bus stop and rode one that brought me back to Busan Station. 

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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