Busan, South Korea: BIFF and Nampo Area

I think that this is Busan's version of Myeongdong. Not only can you find a lot of stores and hotels, there's Busan Tower and Yongdusan Park in the middle which is a lot like Seoul's Namsan Tower. 


Aside from the stalls in the middle, you have three markets in this area namely: Gukje, Kkangtong, and Jagalchi. 

Above is what they call "Let's Eat Alley"

You sit in one of the stools and eat ajumma's simple yet delicious meal. I ate here once and here I was able to eat the best spicy fish cake I've had so far. haha!

If eating in the alley is not your thing, you can definitely find something that will tickle your fancy here. Actually, if you're only spending a night or two in Busan the I suggest that you find a hotel in this area 'cause this is the best spot to experience Busan. If you're into club parties though, you'll be better off staying in Seomyeon.

This is the most famous hotteok in Busan. 

You can easily spot them 'cause they're the only hotteok stall that has long lines almost all the time. 

Lots of streetfood but definitely cheaper than the ones in Myeongdong. Odeng costs 2,000 KRW in Seoul but it's only 500 KRW in Busan. Dito lang magagawa 'yung kanto kain na Kim Bok Joo style karami.

Alleys and alleys of restaurants, cosmetics and clothing shops.

This is where it gets confusing for me 'cause for the many times that I went to this area - I didn't notice where Gukje Market ends and where Kkangtong starts.

One great difference of the two parallel markets is that Gukje stalls sell different things while Kkangtong is usually different kinds of food. 

I didn't get the name of this place but it's what they consider a MAT JIB. The servings are huge but they didn't cost a lot. There wasn't a line when we arrived but the restaurant was packed and just after around 10 minutes there was already a long line of customers at the door.

I don't have photos of Jagalchi Market but if you're into eating fresh seafood then that's the market to go to. They said that Busan trip won't be complete without visiting Jagalchi - and while I've gone there once, I go on a fish market in the Philippines frequently that going to Jagalchi felt like work so I never returned after that one time even if I was always in Nampo. HAHAHA!

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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