Siem Reap, Cambodia: Dinner at Pub Street with Feelings

If there's one thing I suggest that you confirm before flying out to Cambodia, that is the hotel you're staying in has responded that they're picking you up at the airport. The problems we had in the country was like a domino effect and it started from the failure of our hotel to comply 'cause no one was waiting for us at the airport back then. 

As long as you did a proper research then you should be safe from people who like to take advantage of people. I mean, Cambodia relies heavily on the income they get from Tourism and given that a lot, if not most, of the people travelling there are from Europe and/or Australia then you'd have to be ready for big expenses which apparently is just the regular pricing for them but the amount can be too much for us. There are already a lot of articles about the common scams in Cambodia and ways on avoiding them. Should've known but it's good that you're reading about it now. 

Also, don't convert your money to their currency 'cause they use USD notes for transactions. Kaya masakit sa puso kasi nga US dollars ang gastusan! haha! 

One part of our Cambodia trip annoyed the hell out of us and that's the reason why it took me this long to finally blog about our tri-country experience two years ago. Afterall, the most important thing is we're safe even if our wallets weren't at that time. hahaha! Sheket pa rin pala na almost 70 USD ang nawala sa'min each sa less than two hours but I have to let go para di naman sobrang bias ng next installments ng post na 'to.  

But yea, THIS IS YOUR GUIDE ON HOW NOT TO GET SCAMMED IN CAMBODIA AND IN VIETNAM LINK: HERE.  Fresh na fresh pa nung sinulat ko 'yang post na 'yan kaya maraming feelings... feelings na nilimot na ng panahon kaya keri ko na gawin 'to. HAHAHA! 

Pero sabi nga nila, pera lang 'yun. Mahalaga natuto at maraming alaala. LOLOLOLOL sabihin mo 'yan kay tintin 2017 baka nasampal ka. HAHAHAHA! 

Make sure you're staying in a hotel that is near pub street 'cause that way, you won't need to pay for a tuktuk that will take you here. I don't think there are other places to see here aside from the temples, anyway. Reduce communication with others as much as possible because that just puts you in a more vulnerable situation. Chos. Na-trauma na talaga ko. :))) 

This ice cream is actually one of the good parts of this Cambodia stay and mind you, I can count all the "good parts" using the fingers of my hands. HAHAHA! 

Ganun naman e, di ba? There will be good and bad people everywhere we go so let's just hope that we'll see more of the former whenever we travel or even when we're at our home country. 

There are a lot of shops here selling all sorts of things. I bought a pants 'cause I wanted my look to be legit "I am in Cambodia" only to find out that stores by the temple sell the pants that I bought here for a very very very low price. Cambodia is made for tourists, this place is made for rich tourists. 

Pub street and this market are interesting places especially when you see kind people. Just be careful and be alert with finding out other people's intention with you 'cause nagkalat sila. I wish you a much better Cambodia experience than us.  

It was challenging and draining on some aspects (of our tour) but overall it was a nice country to visit. 

If you ask me now, going back to Cambodia is an idea that wouldn't come from me but something I'd entertain if some of my friends get interested in it - the temple experience were able to balance out all the negatives anyway. And since I'm aware of the things that I should avoid when in their country - I should be fine next time. :)) 

PS I believe though, that the mistakes we made not only in Cambodia but for the whole of our tri-country experience, were an added expense for us but the experience definitely made us better travelers. We've become better planners of our travels... or so I believe that I'm better at it now. 

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