Las Casas de Acuzar. Bataan: Tour (Walking Tour)

By Tin Gallemaso - 1:00:00 PM


Europe? Soon?? :))

This place where the last part of the "Juan Luna" movie is filmed. We were able to go inside the house as a part of the guided heritage walk. 

There are two time slots for the guided tour; there's a morning and an afternoon schedule. I forgot the exact time but the info desk would inform you of everything you would need to know upon checking in anyway. 

Use the guided tour to learn more about Las Casas and just go back for picture taking later on 'cause a lot of people are doing the heritage walk with you so it's kinda crowded. Haha. 

Meron ba talaga tayong ganito dati? Kinda like the ones in San Francisco. 

Some are still in use. I don't know if there's a fee or if you just follow a schedule but I'm pretty sure it goes around the resort. 

We weren't able to enter this building that looks like a church since construction is still on going.. pero baka church nga kasi talaga. 

If Japan has Huis Ten Bosch and Korea has Petite France, we have Las Casas. This place kinda looks like Europe (tho sa pictures ko pa lang nakikita) but still very Filipino.

The houses at the background are the houses/accommodation you get if you decide to stay the night.

Instagrammable? Big YES! 

You don't have a lot of choices when dining inside Las Casas. This was one of the restaurants - I forgot the name but they serve Italian cuisine. I liked the interior - it's very classy and comfortable.

The next morning, we walked around again. 

We went here in June so the weather wasn't that nice. The waves in Bataan were huge so swimming in the ocean was prohibited. 
Also, the body of water with two big rocks is their pool. I don't know lang if it's not maintained that time o ganyan talaga itsura. HAHA!

They said that this entire maybe considered a museum but in some buildings, you can see a real museums actually which will allow you to learn more about our history. One of that is the Death March that happened in Bataan. 

I am so looking forward to the rehabilitation of the different historic sites in Manila especially Binondo and Intramuros area, can't wait to revisit the Walled City. I still frequent Binondo these days although I miss walking around 'cause we just eat and leave. 

Kung andyan pa naman 'yung totoong Escolta, edi preservation na lang diba? Kesa sa ganito na lang natin makikita. 

Tutuban and Binondo


Shaded na nga 'yung daan, maganda pa tignan!

Venice Feels? If only the water wasn't this murky and without the garbage floating around.

Kulang pa sa photography skills eh, ganda ganda ng place. HAHAHA. 

Parang ang sarap bumalik dito kapag sweater weather, noh? Tipong fresh pa rin kahit malayo ang lakarin. HAHAHA! 


Kulang na lang 'yung bangka tas may kumakanta. Kung di man sa Venice e baka okay na 'yung sa Venetian LV. :))

'Yan 'yung hotel sa background. I think it's better to stay there than the houses. Hindi creepy. But if you're into that kind of adventure then rent a house for the night.

Cars are not allowed inside. There's a designated parking space and then from there, a jeepney would take you here to the registration area. By the way, the tamarind juice was delicious. 

Overall, I enjoyed walking around Las Casas. I think going there for a day tour is a good idea especially for people who are paranoid like me. Hirap matulog, besh!!! Pero 'yun nga, just opt for their hotel if you really want to stay the night. :))) 

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