Incheon, South Korea: First time tasting Jajjangmyeon!! (Chinatown)

This part of Incheon's Chinatown with the arch is kinda similar to the Chinatown in San Francisco.  Only it's Korean restaurants in the former and stores in the latter. But yea, with the picture of the arch you get similar feel. Or are Chinatowns all over the world like this? 

We tried to follow the subway instructions in getting to this part of Incheon but we got lost that what was supposed to be an hour of travel from Seoul turned out to be around two hours. There's a confusing line in Noryangjin area so we kinda boarded the wrong train and had to go back and there's also a confusing instruction in the trains that go to this area that we had to alight at a station and transfer. I already forgot what happened exactly but yeah, we got lost for a bit. 

Okay fine. This is not the first time I've eaten jajjangmyeon 'cause I bought a pack of the instant one last year to bring back to the Philippines but I didn't like it all. But a lot of kdrama characters like eating jajjangmyeon so I wanted to try the "real" one.

And where else do I need to try this dish if not at the Port of Incheon, the place where it was first introduced in Korea.

Usually people would order sweet and sour pork with this but due to budget constraints (lol), we decided to order jajjang with fried rice and jajjangmyeon.

The "real" one tasted delicious tho I'd take the one with noodles anytime. The noodles were kinda like udon but thinner and more chewy. The thick sauce is made with black bean sauce. I can't describe it now but there's one thing that I'm sure of; it truly is one your perfect comfort food. Afterall, it's the food for those with a lonely heart. HAHAHA. 

Trivia: for single people in Korea or for a person who's love wasn't reciprocated on March 14, April 14 is considered a "Black Day"  - a date meant to celebrate the sorrow and loneliness of being single. HAHAHAHA

Buddha stands with two balls over his head, one for riches and one for happiness.

Yey daw sabi ni Buddha baka busy pa si someone in making himself/herself a better person for you. HAHAHA. Ako, di naman ako nagmamadali.  :))) Charot!

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