Malaysia: A Day in Kuala Lumpur

Flashback to 2014 to my first ever out-of-the-country trip, I said and I quote, "Thank You po. More more more more. Yan! Yan!!!! Napagbigyan ng isang beses, nawili naman ako. hahaha. Pero please po Kayo na bahala kung may second, third, fourth... nth time ito. :D :D :D" Five years down the road, I am still travelling. 

Grateful and appreciative more than ever for all of these. 

First time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia link: here.

From KL Sentral, we rode a train that took us to Batu Caves. The cave was only around 20 minutes walk away from the station so you definitely won't get lost in the area. 

No entrance fee is being collected in the main cave area but the stairs are steep and may not be for everyone. Make sure to bring a bottle of water for your refreshment in case the stairs make you feel exhausted 'cause it gets more expensive on top.

I've also seen photos of the stairs these days and I believe it already underwent a colorful make-over. 

Make sure to wear proper clothing when in this 100 year old temple/cave complex. Sleeveless and shorts are not allowed. 

The 42.7 m-high golden statue by the entrance is Lord Murugan, a Hindi god of war.

Then we went to Central Market (since 1888)- one of the most famous tourist attraction when in KL as it is classified as Heritage Site. 

The main building is an air-conditioned area so it's very comfortable to walk around when shopping. 

Near Central Market is Petaling Street - Malaysia's Chinatown. 

Very similar to our divisoria. This flea market in Malaysia is also a must-visit especially if getting souvenirs to bring home. I know the experience is very much alike our very own divi but still it's entertaining to be here for a few minutes even if not going on shopping. Also, a lot of the budget hostels are in this area not to mention the vast choices when it comes to streetfood in Malaysia.

As it was nearing sundown, we made our way to Suria KLCC the mall where the Petronas Twin Towers are located. 

We went straight to the water fountain area. In the Philippines, we have Okada Fountain Show if you want to experience watching a fountain show as well. 

We went inside the mall and ate dinner before heading out for a "photoshoot" with the Twin Towers.

No good pictures with the Petronas Tower eversince but still. <3 It's more stunning at night so make sure to go in the afternoon so you can take photos during daytime and night. Better to have lots of pictures when travelling then just delete the rejects. haha!

You've come a long way since you've decided to sign up for this blog in 2012, xtintina!! hahaha! Layas ka ngang talaga. :))) 


This post is a part of our tri-country backpacking (Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam) tour last 2017. I never had the chance to post this earlier but I've uploaded my favorite places and a guide for DIY travelers last 2017. 

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