Busan, South Korea: Amnam Park, Seo-gu (부산 암남공원)

If you only have a day to spend in Busan but you want to see and experience as much as possible, this area is one your best choices. The activities here are a lot but definitely doesn't need a whole day stay so you can go elsewhere. 

While Igidae Coastal Walk is my favorite among all the coastal walks in Busan, Amnam Park Coastal walk is also beautiful. Not to mention that it's a lot shorter than Igidae. 

You have three several options in getting here. 1. Ride the cable car from Songdo Beach.  2. Take a bus from Jagalchi that would directly take you to the park 3. Walk along the coastal trail

What I suggest though is that you ride the cable car from the beach and if you're into trekking then make use of the coastal trail to go back to Songdo beach. 

Happy <3

Cable car is my favorite mode of transportations. Hehehe!

A bit of a walk in an incline from the bus stop to main park. 

Some views are kinda like Taejongdae and Igidae. 

You can't see Haeundae from this side of Busan because mountains are blocking the view but it's still a good viewpoint.

You can find a lot of art installations in this place. 

But my favorite of all are trees which leaves turned to orange early. 

Dinosaurs like this can also be seen in Zooraji atg Shinsegae department store in Marine City, Busan. 

link: here. 

 In Korea, it's not unusual to find several gym equipments which you can use for free. We have a lot of those in at Jangsan Mountain link: here.

 A huge park with lots of trails lined with pine trees! missed the scent <3

Saka bakit ang payat ko ata dyan hahaha

Just for photoshoot. I have no idea where this trail leads but a lot of people continue walking.

After roaming around, we went to to the building to purchase a one-way ticket in a crystal cabin.
Songdo Cable Car

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