Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club, Antipolo, Rizal

Bridge and Viewing Deck of Cloud 9 in Sumulong Hi-way, Antipolo. 

I'm only showing you photos taken from the bridge and from the viewing deck. We weren't able to walk around the whole area. We just went here for the view actually and then there were a lot of couples on top (where the bridge leads) and so we decided to go down to the viewing deck after circling it once. 

The entrance is P 50.00/person. 
Not bad for the entire experience. I wasn't scared but this may be scary for some, if you ask me. 

This is a good place to visit especially for people who likes taking photos/ looking for "intagrammable" places.

Just kinda disappointed whenever I see the development in this area. Would've been a lot better if the forests were more protected kaso 'yon nga, money is in the development. 

I've always loved looking at Metro Manila Skyline whenever I'm in Sumulong Hi-way or on my way to Antipolo. The view never gets old. <3 It's always relaxing to view MM from here. 

The view on top. 

Di naman kami informed... :)))

There's a restaurant here but there's a passage to the viewing deck if you're not going to eat.

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